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f47aeed8 transfer 1.619 HIVE to c36beed2-8623-4a99-9d1e-536d5f646ab5
5bed3595 transfer 0.618 HIVE to 635e2d4c-5a66-44bd-a303-b2d8e6751384
91918f7d transfer 0.618 HIVE to dc562570-51af-434b-8f41-44a3f832e7a8
2c624d83 claim reward: 7.933 HP
feb5601f transfer 1.619 HIVE to d04d6231-5aca-453c-be8b-38ff679a5b3b
virtual curation reward: 0.107 HP for @freebornangel/listen-up-vot…
93f73e54 transfer 1.619 HIVE to 4a8aaca2-f984-49a9-9c04-0d020e65d806
48d476ad custom json
json"{"contractName":"tokens","contractAction":"updateMetadata","contractPayload":{"symbol":"INV","metadata":{"url":"","icon":"","desc":"DEPRECATED TOKEN - DO NOT BUY"}}}"
d2dea759 transfer 0.011 HIVE to The reason why I'm sending you those 2 memos (hopefully you don't mind) is quite simple. If you found yourself in similar situation and you're planning to be active mostly on new HIVE chain (and at the same time hold on to your current staked steem) - then perhaps for the time being you could consider delegating your SP to @project.hope. WE SHARE 100% curation rewards with delegators (WEEKLY PAYOUTS), so you could consider it to be a PASSIVE INVOME. This would allow you to focus on building engagement on new chain, without worrying of your STEEM stake not being used. At the same time it would help our HIVE/community to survive during those difficult times. You can find more details directly on our website:
b6d7a62f transfer 0.011 HIVE to Dear, There has been so much said lately about conflict between Justin vs Witnesses. Upcoming fork seem to be necessary and most users seem to be willing to move to new HIVE chain. For many it's a very difficult decision to be made and I will be facing this dilema very shortly too. In meantime I'm hoping to be able to carry on with @project.hope and maintain growth of our "Project HOPE" community on both chains for as long as it's possible. I simply invested so much time into building our community ( and I'm seriously worried that this time may turn out to be wasted. ONLY TIME WILL TELL.
fea4e439 transfer 1.619 HIVE to ac0063a5-3162-485f-9097-26afedad80e6
76dacd0d transfer 1.619 HIVE to 4f2f6ff1-1c7b-4716-b58f-e67dc37b987f
18aebd78 transfer 1.619 HIVE to 08a1ffe4-437c-46b0-87f2-85c660850830
df510599 transfer 0.618 HIVE to 5c902ef4-f6bf-4ecf-8259-0d4451737a34
66d271f7 transfer 1.619 HIVE to 15e000b9-940d-4e23-92de-d0fb7fd763e0
c3af788a undelegate to
90ec1d2e transfer 0.618 HIVE to 1bfc66fd-806e-4fee-8f3f-e1b4ef82bce4
virtual curation reward: 0.006 HP for @freebornangel/upcoming-deep…
613295e1 transfer 1.619 HIVE to dfe7344b-50ba-4ecd-a08f-361368ce225b
1a41bc94 undelegate to
virtual curation reward: 0.001 HP for @freebornangel/more-drama
ba1fcbc1 transfer 0.618 HIVE to 9e29de9e-3106-4709-8c0f-642eb3405fd3
88fe14a4 transfer 1.619 HIVE to 85b85846-921c-4e72-ae98-c627c6bd93a7
7e03acb0 transfer 0.618 HIVE to 7bac74a0-bf1d-4c24-b9cc-dc6a8f63de37
e306a07f transfer 1.619 HIVE to 4424c1ea-2b41-4bf4-9e9f-fcab200544ce
4b801ee9 upvote @haikubot/20200316t182845721z (24.5%)
c0caedb6 transfer 0.618 HIVE to f6261529-3934-4a22-899a-ffe5ff5ecc4d
c77a8941 upvote @freebornangel/more-drama (15.5%)
virtual curation reward: 0.097 HP for @freebornangel/mememonday-61…
d7d9465e transfer 1.619 HIVE to a936f363-eb66-46be-8fb5-5ecdfdc8259f
virtual curation reward: 0.006 HP for @freebornangel/no-changes-to…
virtual curation reward: 0.022 HP for @luegenbaron/is-binance-mani…
virtual curation reward: 0.440 HP for @sugandhaseth/vedic-maths-tu…
virtual curation reward: 0.002 HP for @freebornangel/survival-satu…
virtual curation reward: 0.133 HP for @freebornangel/look-out-even…
9f1c1a1d transfer 1.619 HIVE to 06134233-00a8-4df9-b568-a9fcb74724de
virtual curation reward: 0.368 HP for @freebornangel/tron-meets-st…
1efd6903 transfer 0.618 HIVE to f1d17f26-5048-4bb3-ba41-e52c3f63e1cc
5cf23a1d transfer 0.618 HIVE to 244dc292-aa92-485c-9645-c9f02b9eb1b9
a01b4383 transfer 0.618 HIVE to a3174f50-6ff1-43f1-a379-79bc24302f44
67d87992 transfer 1.619 HIVE to 836472e3-7eaa-4814-858f-be14dc197ece
9b4f30d1 transfer 0.618 HIVE to b25ce862-0ee0-43b4-a675-2fe2083a34a2
72f45d77 transfer 1.619 HIVE to 7a1a5dc7-6a94-48a5-96b7-90ae06995438
virtual curation reward: 0.334 HP for @hungrypb/wrhyczeh
virtual withdraw 67.384 HP as 66.737 HIVE (show details)
deposited66.737 HIVE
withdrawn130,753.360132 VESTS
ea2bbe81 upvote @jacobtothe/q71hw1 (59.5%)
a49c2236 transfer 1.619 HIVE to 8bf2021c-0b87-4e08-a795-fa9b7e396530
afcabe30 transfer 1.619 HIVE to 3b2effb1-e570-4da9-8c46-e5f2febe0fd9
virtual curation reward: 0.901 HP for @hungryhustle/dapp-com-s-fou…
virtual curation reward: 0.720 HP for @hungryhustle/takeover-memes
d6f87872 transfer 1.619 HIVE to d4f87dde-b9d9-4bc5-9c4b-5bb91fe10b7f
f1c93709 transfer 0.618 HIVE to 9336b93d-44dd-4dc9-8c91-a16816e2c43b
virtual curation reward: 2.086 HP for @hungryhustle/vote
virtual curation reward: 1.049 HP for @hungryhustle/who-is-going-t…
virtual curation reward: 0.684 HP for @hungrypb/dacorbcg
virtual curation reward: 0.717 HP for @sugandhaseth/vedic-maths-tu…
2ca14c52 transfer 0.618 HIVE to 5ed0a2fa-a6fc-473a-b359-fff384274f2f
b175c466 transfer 0.618 HIVE to eddd9577-04ce-46c0-a1c0-9b0fb6c94c5a
cef30108 transfer 0.618 HIVE to 713ac20e-057d-4bb4-b77b-0277460a6d3d
virtual curation reward: 0.260 HP for @netuoso/q6kdbf
204ce838 transfer 1.619 HIVE to 9d79af0c-087f-4ff1-b345-8e08462349da
6d39a34a upvote @hungrypb/wrhyczeh
c9014db5 transfer 0.618 HIVE to 56939bf1-1d5e-415d-ae73-5150c7525e31
bfdbdfed transfer 0.618 HIVE to 490dcf89-7a1f-46dd-8d77-953a83a26f6c
89f019ed transfer 1.619 HIVE to cca7114d-6e14-4e37-bb17-05d1257963e3
09ceeeb6 transfer 1.619 HIVE to aff876bf-c2bc-4fdd-97ce-85d59b28e9be
8f25f3d2 transfer 0.618 HIVE to 59f477e4-bfdf-49c1-8d9e-bdef92701710
48c1103d transfer 1.619 HIVE to 1b998a56-a820-416b-bfa3-113ab02dda6e
a8e6569b claim reward: 0.695 HP
virtual curation reward: 0.695 HP for @cryptofinally/omgzeqsj
da589692 transfer 1.619 HIVE to ea1e6bcb-fe74-4069-98e2-4b3a111aa858
virtual withdraw 67.384 HP as 66.715 HIVE (show details)
deposited66.715 HIVE
withdrawn130,753.360143 VESTS
64fc1070 transfer 100 HIVE to Delegations
5d719683 transfer 1,490 HIVE to
1ef09c35 claim reward: 3.860 HP
243d29c5 undelegate to
2830b7c4 upvote @hungrypb/dacorbcg
15efdde6 set as proxy
dae70e8e upvote @hungryhustle/vote
virtual curation reward: 0.075 HP for @jschindler/q69cad
92d99446 undelegate to
1e2d292c undelegate to
68a27553 upvote @netuoso/q6kdbf
325f332b transfer 0.618 HIVE to 419307dc-7778-442b-aac6-8a18230a4dff
eee88c15 transfer 1.619 HIVE to 2a9ea4a4-5f8c-48e6-8c23-57eacfdaa7c2
2b151287 upvote @enforcer48/q6hc66 (2%)
37bc7fba transfer 0.618 HIVE to 962c8052-fbeb-48ad-92e5-30b2336243b6
c1b21781 transfer 0.618 HIVE to 4caab4d6-60af-4a28-82ea-a8c9d6012362
d482729c transfer 0.618 HIVE to 813298f6-558f-498e-ab8e-d7ee35de486a
d88045f8 transfer 0.618 HIVE to 4e98616b-900e-4d4f-83f8-57506eb12945
24c5eb80 transfer 0.618 HIVE to ee26a5b1-c71d-4db0-b1bb-be9b52c93d7b
6b3ceed0 transfer 0.618 HIVE to 9cd35026-716f-41a8-b7c8-b9a79d2204b5
197d5964 transfer 0.618 HIVE to 38c0d155-4771-4cf7-b7fc-ba03aa605978
48d16c71 transfer 0.618 HIVE to 705d6251-4f04-4170-9a5b-8c490960406d
0d608968 transfer 0.618 HIVE to 4d9e3033-24e2-46e0-b67f-7b8d11343ac7
e121bab5 transfer 0.618 HIVE to 2f818dcd-37a9-4bec-8d1b-a12c974801fd
8b155ffc transfer 0.618 HIVE to beb324cf-c16c-4455-80c6-85cbfba5136a
892333d7 transfer 0.618 HIVE to 48d2139f-a005-4883-9286-67f69c402d4a
97900139 transfer 0.618 HIVE to dd48a979-a33a-4cb1-9cc5-18d3d524a328
8ab1ab05 transfer 0.618 HIVE to c063876a-4b2c-4035-a3cb-4a9e9808c084
544e97c5 transfer 0.618 HIVE to 99ac42ce-31d5-4e68-b3da-2626ab845282
a8968b0f transfer 0.618 HIVE to 00f0e2d0-706d-4a9d-9258-6cb7e1c3f34e
da80497e transfer 0.618 HIVE to f3be9aee-be7d-4cf6-8c1d-7352f06d2d58
11892a02 transfer 0.618 HIVE to f5aea953-5fc9-4eb5-8b2f-54ec4a453ff2
d1f8f334 transfer 0.618 HIVE to cc3d2e38-5e49-48d0-a901-b8235f76a6a2
92bbe3a5 transfer 0.618 HIVE to c62f3a8e-d700-4a03-a61a-5e24188ae6cb
3b987e3d transfer 0.618 HIVE to 2c3c1637-0157-43fd-a2b4-230bb1660d9f
4c849542 transfer 0.618 HIVE to 9b1675c6-0280-48a1-9ac4-f8e333565ec7
04e3df09 transfer 1.619 HIVE to 33108a3f-37f1-40d1-9b66-29e92c832102
923390c0 upvote @jschindler/q69cad (38%)
f74a74e6 transfer 1.619 HIVE to 4e03a149-b948-432d-9c6d-9d3761b40400
virtual curation reward: 1.879 HP for @sugandhaseth/5-snacks-that-…
5b4e6b2d transfer 0.618 HIVE to f541e261-ede6-46ea-be31-25a0338ea97b
virtual curation reward: 0.031 HP for @steemflagrewards/re-re-defi…
virtual withdraw 67.384 HP as 66.689 HIVE (show details)
deposited66.689 HIVE
withdrawn130,753.360143 VESTS
virtual curation reward: 0.025 HP for @steemflagrewards/re-q5z41v-…
virtual curation reward: 0.025 HP for @steemflagrewards/re-q5z3zl-…
virtual curation reward: 0.025 HP for @jlsplatts/q5z3zl
virtual curation reward: 0.025 HP for @jlsplatts/q5ytbs
virtual curation reward: 0.026 HP for @preparedwombat/i-don-t-thin…
4c72bee4 transfer 0.618 HIVE to e11952a7-44a1-42cf-920a-66d2b1eb64b8
e0653051 transfer 0.618 HIVE to b0d2c6d0-6e7b-45a5-95e8-103aba83c18e
c888f46b transfer 0.618 HIVE to 9b807464-f8a6-4bc7-866f-ebcf7b19dba5
0a3bedd4 transfer 1.619 HIVE to 485669f1-0c0e-43cf-be83-b51a8c1bc016
f40d4f2d transfer 0.618 HIVE to 329986a9-06ed-4949-8c2c-9a6a027d4a18
e0c4872c upvote @geekgirl/q66vrf (12.5%)
88de95d6 transfer 1.619 HIVE to 5106681e-6efd-4925-b9a0-34635da8d2cd
09888ea5 transfer 0.618 HIVE to 9a750c2a-7638-4765-9465-e478b9e7178f
483676f3 transfer 0.618 HIVE to e7d5bcf4-bbf4-47f8-afc7-a0cf8d34acfd
2f270548 transfer 1.619 HIVE to 74f4d54d-962a-4f67-ae6a-d27dceda43df
virtual curation reward: 0.542 HP for @sugandhaseth/what-s-up-with…