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ae3dcdc1 transfer 11.207 HIVE to 0.25% + 8.532 fee for transaction: 0x2ccc4d6f479a88494b98acd22771b254a3ee022a5cdab8aed3fa997773be58aa!
4b6f5a84 transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0x2ccc4d6f479a88494b98acd22771b254a3ee022a5cdab8aed3fa997773be58aa!
fcbd4caf transfer 11.380 HIVE to Refund of 11.380 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
5334a489 transfer 1,070 HIVE to 0xd6B983f0f79256f1ebB46Ec1F87a4b05f4e5a58F
1f77985d transfer 80.965 HIVE to 80.965 WHIVE converted! Tx hash: 0x3b4ab8c3dfadfef37de917cc494f931506f772d74ce7125e84dd2de66f7e8adb
37f3ba7d transfer 1,555.497 HIVE to 1555.497 WHIVE converted! Tx hash: 0xd9048e5decac0c31d768cf9797d6661f5de5c31c03717d0213903ff30e542523
956c32f2 transfer 179.401 HIVE to 179.401 WHIVE converted! Tx hash: 0x464ee05b2151ae10fb215cb44a7e427e3aee9862d46751c4b3ede830bc6a4406
d2416e37 transfer 8.268 HIVE to Refund of 8.268 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
ff68b739 transfer 12.414 HIVE to 0.25% + 8.414 fee for transaction: 0xef83db236f3bec90a8e662caa844b917080fb362564aa757541092c76e31b904!
7b827df2 transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0xef83db236f3bec90a8e662caa844b917080fb362564aa757541092c76e31b904!
e4adf5c7 transfer 1,600 HIVE to 0x7F9ae4F4dEA76B5d09a5254C7601C664FD162733
90cf42cd transfer 132.149 HIVE to 132.149 WHIVE converted! Tx hash: 0x2a109ad1a0d0361df7069b28cf09e7ba14e7f9f3c57f5709ed053ef942190570
a6d167c9 transfer 19.950 HIVE to Refund of 19.950 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
07b0f9fa transfer 8.810 HIVE to 0.25% + 8.535 fee for transaction: 0xb55edb164f8be52021e0141796eadcd0a0d084132dfa915c7d3fce6a11a64382!
e4ae7c75 transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0xb55edb164f8be52021e0141796eadcd0a0d084132dfa915c7d3fce6a11a64382!
335e8c99 transfer 110 HIVE to 0x768B07575496359503B64667c370bf253E71D7dA
f6b83b51 transfer 110 HIVE to 110.000 WHIVE converted! Tx hash: 0xb68bb252a46e0d151f4e9c23398fed97e14caf0c208b9d0911d076c3cd74a0cf
6dde5e2a transfer 973.250 HIVE to 973.250 WHIVE converted! Tx hash: 0xead0db14c904328dd3b4ef356ebe2e27fb03b9047d378e8fe763de27553b5c98
b922b520 transfer 1,222.780 HIVE to 1222.780 WHIVE converted! Tx hash: 0x4f0ad38519d028a2e008f9413e06acd395b7fe86a49a9ce0a520afdc17dacb1b
8601d4ed transfer 365.466 HIVE to 365.466 WHIVE converted! Tx hash: 0x4ec7e8e017fada4d8197dd1a4ca7f407d1b5103e3288b939ceb100267bf653bf
4e8dfcea transfer 82.065 HIVE to Match wHIVE and HIVE
c5e5db58 transfer 26.334 HIVE to Refund of 26.334 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
9c69b818 transfer 12.301 HIVE to 0.25% + 12.051 fee for transaction: 0x13480223486f6c0fcea06c16587eef9233fe2116ad6694009f76bf9a3e978cd8!
3eaa5f62 transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0x13480223486f6c0fcea06c16587eef9233fe2116ad6694009f76bf9a3e978cd8!
30743d36 transfer 100 HIVE to 0xcafCD5766D197D6B4b0100C91A742dBdfDdBd146
9ab80504 transfer 35.340 HIVE to Refund of 35.340 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
27548551 transfer 20.705 HIVE to 0.25% + 20.330 fee for transaction: 0xe2454879afe900ad90f5594f43c61928cdcc286a9094adaec26a40c8470d0279!
b518324c transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0xe2454879afe900ad90f5594f43c61928cdcc286a9094adaec26a40c8470d0279!
05e99c95 transfer 150 HIVE to 0x89166edCa82495eBaa6e0E925E8b5C1ee35D9d40
d482707b transfer 19.914 HIVE to 0.25% + 17.344 fee for transaction: 0xb772cc84d58ca8755f87e8b76bba3b203f163100f79fd0b16f2613faf4105023!
5e63f637 transfer 28.507 HIVE to Refund of 28.507 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
174c107a transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0xb772cc84d58ca8755f87e8b76bba3b203f163100f79fd0b16f2613faf4105023!
51dc99d0 transfer 1,027.859 HIVE to 0x45E04A75CD16cC36a0d4175781968D2e46C1F7B3
6f2c4c74 transfer 28.858 HIVE to Refund of 28.858 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
bd6cd8fd transfer 19.354 HIVE to 0.25% + 16.784 fee for transaction: 0x5d4dffe6b979e7b71dd2ec42438b974f416a98da9a5dbfc0a973a85ed315ba11!
965f21cd transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0x5d4dffe6b979e7b71dd2ec42438b974f416a98da9a5dbfc0a973a85ed315ba11!
1a3817a2 transfer 1,027.918 HIVE to 0x45E04A75CD16cC36a0d4175781968D2e46C1F7B3
aaafa7d6 transfer 28.918 HIVE to Refund! Reason: Please send more than 50 HIVE!
51d5dbf8 transfer 28.918 HIVE to 0x45E04A75CD16cC36a0d4175781968D2e46C1F7B3
39fadbf1 transfer 28.917 HIVE to Refund of 28.917 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
1131506f transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0xd88f37855ecbd0ad077b9f9175550276a318f1d5e9d8cea9c1fbf289fb84e634!
623ab132 transfer 19.295 HIVE to 0.25% + 16.784 fee for transaction: 0xd88f37855ecbd0ad077b9f9175550276a318f1d5e9d8cea9c1fbf289fb84e634!
f9ec61db transfer 1,004.193 HIVE to 0x45E04A75CD16cC36a0d4175781968D2e46C1F7B3
436d7ceb transfer 6,136.148 HIVE to 6136.148 WHIVE converted! Tx hash: 0x1df251a903b0f677ea9295c78c4d2f8295345292098de66d2052c2bb65874869
9163eb05 transfer 2 HIVE to 2.000 WHIVE converted! Tx hash: 0x57907eb7de9f1b66a2c5be0c51bb111983a1cca9c74161eb684b4b7d0a06cf0f
a4efbcef transfer 6.044 HIVE to Refund of 6.044 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
4dc9c265 transfer 26.866 HIVE to 0.25% + 11.399 fee for transaction: 0x42df53e5f8d33fda309622aafdf7f0ee1e447f6ace83c157d39973d1b5f0ae48!
e6a9aad8 transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0x42df53e5f8d33fda309622aafdf7f0ee1e447f6ace83c157d39973d1b5f0ae48!
d335d01d transfer 6,186.524 HIVE to 0x45E04A75CD16cC36a0d4175781968D2e46C1F7B3
be8e0063 transfer 10.517 HIVE to 0.25% + 8.110 fee for transaction: 0x324659cba8935915c372240421b2be5e96394f8050376fd4a5843d775c15296b!
d6ec619b transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0x324659cba8935915c372240421b2be5e96394f8050376fd4a5843d775c15296b!
b453fa8b transfer 22.393 HIVE to Refund of 22.393 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
f26b3280 transfer 962.755 HIVE to 0x45E04A75CD16cC36a0d4175781968D2e46C1F7B3
5ff00ab1 transfer 6.534 HIVE to Refund of 6.534 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
8d380517 transfer 24.603 HIVE to 0.25% + 11.519 fee for transaction: 0x5142cd9bf0e5e142fa9dd12527146bec006c35c22b6802078f81a2ff5fa99789!
d2842bab transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0x5142cd9bf0e5e142fa9dd12527146bec006c35c22b6802078f81a2ff5fa99789!
7850b054 transfer 5,233.474 HIVE to 0x45E04A75CD16cC36a0d4175781968D2e46C1F7B3
7dd687dd transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0xe41bdfb2342283b3af6e4034aad279e1269f53f10fdb8a1ecdd870de60c93e19!
bea4fbb8 transfer 21.964 HIVE to 0.25% + 11.410 fee for transaction: 0xe41bdfb2342283b3af6e4034aad279e1269f53f10fdb8a1ecdd870de60c93e19!
e6380de6 transfer 9.173 HIVE to Refund of 9.173 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
ccff2c06 transfer 4,221.776 HIVE to 0x45E04A75CD16cC36a0d4175781968D2e46C1F7B3
ed60464b transfer 17.580 HIVE to 0.25% + 11.410 fee for transaction: 0xaff4b7938e35e10adb71284c711de64e968e25a163f15e9f1175e18fb7d24f60!
66dc7ebf transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0xaff4b7938e35e10adb71284c711de64e968e25a163f15e9f1175e18fb7d24f60!
c767ba5c transfer 13.557 HIVE to Refund of 13.557 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
d0cc502a transfer 2,468.272 HIVE to 0x45E04A75CD16cC36a0d4175781968D2e46C1F7B3
7e7e246c transfer 425.005 HIVE to 425.005 WHIVE converted! Tx hash: 0x5ae95030a8e0044ede9c70fd8ef89f0a526a890d6359560f5c59720a0e8696b5
d033aaf1 transfer 33.571 HIVE to Refund of 33.571 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
e661be48 transfer 20.146 HIVE to 0.25% + 17.646 fee for transaction: 0x65d7ce186e878a716e5f996716eaad5f4bc0d039999ae124156889ebdb6932d4!
1e05f1f7 transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0x65d7ce186e878a716e5f996716eaad5f4bc0d039999ae124156889ebdb6932d4!
f9a633af transfer 1,000 HIVE to 0x1F979d06B999D058A6A950452260beaCf2F9d903
32da6930 transfer 1,000 HIVE to Refund! Reason: Internal server error
7add0cfb transfer 1,000 HIVE to 0x1F979d06B999D058A6A950452260beaCf2F9d903
23c38752 transfer 371.165 HIVE to 371.165 WHIVE converted! Tx hash: 0x63a4ae00f47c881afe76c51ea20b3de5f6c80e5882aed2e3d296807e434b0ae0
46408034 transfer 33.412 HIVE to 0.25% + 10.041 fee for transaction: 0xad24edc22496ea3f156b192aa5692ce7e7da4af71eefcc7dd7f83c1ab6e1132d!
14677951 transfer 1.855 HIVE to Refund of 1.855 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
f32b4b82 transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0xad24edc22496ea3f156b192aa5692ce7e7da4af71eefcc7dd7f83c1ab6e1132d!
d8686ac5 transfer 9,348.501 HIVE to 0xB06a534c4F4c9cA687DBBa9b38e552d016834585
70249efe transfer 100 HIVE to refund
6f7c37f8 transfer 20.545 HIVE to Refund of 20.545 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
7e8ce430 transfer 12.533 HIVE to 0.25% + 12.283 fee for transaction: 0x48ec4d0e8c77a542af4bb63ec3eaf1598b04b3b96fa23ed3ece3a934f669b785!
37eee645 transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0x48ec4d0e8c77a542af4bb63ec3eaf1598b04b3b96fa23ed3ece3a934f669b785!
9ed72d2c transfer 100 HIVE to 0x1F979d06B999D058A6A950452260beaCf2F9d903
248638de transfer 100 HIVE to 0x1F979d06B999D058A6A950452260beaCf2F9d903
4050d136 transfer 9,348.501 HIVE to Refund! Reason: Internal server error
bfc75fb8 transfer 9,348.501 HIVE to 0xaA2bc597AB8F016FCeF18cCe0f50F284225EeCd0
1bc4b544 transfer 9,348.501 HIVE to Refund! Reason: Internal server error
3140fa54 transfer 9,348.501 HIVE to 0xB06a534c4F4c9cA687DBBa9b38e552d016834585
fb4af4f9 transfer 9,348.501 HIVE to Refund! Reason: Internal server error
c340f02a transfer 9,348.501 HIVE to 0xB06a534c4F4c9cA687DBBa9b38e552d016834585
62982855 transfer 1 HIVE to refund
9ca96813 transfer 1 HIVE to Refund! Reason: Please use Ethereum address as memo!
4582fc3b transfer 1 HIVE to
f902f6a7 transfer 1 HIVE to
bb31f7a4 transfer 20.810 HIVE to Match ERC20 supply
8ce20c82 transfer 9,953 HIVE to 9953.000 WHIVE converted! Tx hash: 0x8817a44fbcb7e38357095d8f3930ea00bf99e0ffe12ae2d7102c98d85b709d4b
13b09d2a transfer 1,485.421 HIVE to 1485.421 WHIVE converted! Tx hash: 0x511a1de5c43fd87756270d978f64e808dee02323823c3f425c6bee986d6c8f62
81d87289 transfer 100 HIVE to Refund! Reason: Current ETH fee is 139.876 HIVE!
fcffe08d transfer 100 HIVE to 0x95289A8810CaB4eC61e792Ee688Ab90086c1ec82
9604d0ec transfer 264.341 HIVE to 264.341 WHIVE converted! Tx hash: 0x09a45e07945b31991ca8ed6223047490a8f1eb4d750fcfb9fe75d3c3b3910034
0cddf94b transfer 8,754.740 HIVE to 8754.740 WHIVE converted! Tx hash: 0x7245d60b430a790fa63494922f5e25a5bc09598a852d10b96a6a5e7a4144f664
53e999d0 transfer 1 HIVE to Refund! Reason: Please use Ethereum address as memo!
47fc34ca transfer 1 HIVE to test
e070c461 transfer 34.570 HIVE to 0.25% + 33.320 fee for transaction: 0xf209d8376703bd7c29b841bbea56e2b65d7a73e2a8052bb4eff620679e18e51f!
4a5ff576 transfer 52.148 HIVE to Refund of 52.148 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
b9695afc transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0xf209d8376703bd7c29b841bbea56e2b65d7a73e2a8052bb4eff620679e18e51f!
630bfbb2 transfer 500 HIVE to 0xB7c0711761E9Ea9a9783b1EA6faBa1D4B99322bD
f3d330d7 transfer 50 HIVE to Refund! Reason: Current ETH fee is 70.594 HIVE!
1c8122ac transfer 50 HIVE to 0xB7c0711761E9Ea9a9783b1EA6faBa1D4B99322bD
8c5cca8c transfer 26.672 HIVE to Refund of 26.672 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
2a3b5a69 transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0x2b8c0c0f6618e8031b990dec5d826dea6f2611df7db6a5d12f3a090f286320fc!
7e864c18 transfer 32.036 HIVE to 0.25% + 20.586 fee for transaction: 0x2b8c0c0f6618e8031b990dec5d826dea6f2611df7db6a5d12f3a090f286320fc!
df4cb4a5 transfer 4,580 HIVE to 0xB06a534c4F4c9cA687DBBa9b38e552d016834585
1324c0af transfer 50 HIVE to Refund! Reason: Current ETH fee is 68.073 HIVE!
95fc1d86 transfer 50 HIVE to 0xb805fD6bdb72AEd782BfBbf419cA177B021Af4f5
a4eee023 transfer 28.919 HIVE to 0.25% + 27.819 fee for transaction: 0x934948d1e2445eda183abc6903fa5cc088aca8dfaa15cbcd60420362d1c74744!
333be30a transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0x934948d1e2445eda183abc6903fa5cc088aca8dfaa15cbcd60420362d1c74744!
4fc1431d transfer 40.216 HIVE to Refund of 40.216 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
1a0c3f48 transfer 440 HIVE to 0x2412A1d8F5033Ab50bFa74148D48BA9D50210d91
9534d6d6 transfer 50 HIVE to Refund! Reason: Current ETH fee is 69.135 HIVE!
0beb9fee transfer 50 HIVE to 0xb805fD6bdb72AEd782BfBbf419cA177B021Af4f5
6559f19c transfer 52.085 HIVE to Refund of 52.085 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
735d8d4a transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0xb9d40a69082c894ae33c5705da40767eaaa9d080f91bced5ae22255339405440!
2f2aa8aa transfer 28.058 HIVE to 0.25% + 27.790 fee for transaction: 0xb9d40a69082c894ae33c5705da40767eaaa9d080f91bced5ae22255339405440!
b3b5010a transfer 107 HIVE to 0x9a0C6bbC90b014Ad98016864f6d3Ba3c61887cAE
03dad629 transfer 2,761 HIVE to 2761.000 WHIVE converted! Tx hash: 0x1dc8e097080924e4d27cde042669c64c63013db3f25753f5a35fc5e9240df7e6
fff58047 transfer 26.350 HIVE to Refund of 26.350 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
924187ff transfer 16.283 HIVE to 0.25% + 11.033 fee for transaction: 0x4d1dda0011ad0e85a5fdd50496ab2fd3fd8d6da2f1bd7e6c0636917c39796200!
0cb0a10e transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0x4d1dda0011ad0e85a5fdd50496ab2fd3fd8d6da2f1bd7e6c0636917c39796200!
6ee0063d transfer 2,100 HIVE to 0xd39B6849d2e1dB20BAb50dd7A4F3e0882c744404
df1a1890 transfer 23.742 HIVE to Refund of 23.742 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
f6eca81c transfer 27.946 HIVE to 0.25% + 26.696 fee for transaction: 0x38ef0fb18d2b2e80d371e13d64146f5d9fd767a9ac31527eba079a5edd3cc791!
2ed4826e transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0x38ef0fb18d2b2e80d371e13d64146f5d9fd767a9ac31527eba079a5edd3cc791!
a4478ddb transfer 500 HIVE to 0xA38BF7c9E74702227a8074773cE3f8EcE700020E
c1abd4e6 transfer 5,089.306 HIVE to 5089.306 WHIVE converted! Tx hash: 0x2f11b2ad77a424ea4945ed4695b5e74f07a03c4292873471094dce340e893849
b7a2d3c2 transfer 1.813 HIVE to Refund! Reason: Please send more than 50 HIVE!
b23053cb transfer 1.813 HIVE to 0x05CFd2ff856505486903f5a7b87aB815f587B773
a68a6a58 transfer 13.342 HIVE to Refund of 13.342 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
72a2aa45 transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0xa0149c5399ed18ea3f6b2d3f482350ac0a8809aa94f29cc4178fdcde8cefbb9c!
d3cb8e73 transfer 9.340 HIVE to 0.25% + 9.090 fee for transaction: 0xa0149c5399ed18ea3f6b2d3f482350ac0a8809aa94f29cc4178fdcde8cefbb9c!
d00e18a7 transfer 100 HIVE to 0x3993876746A20700E0369EC8769736Eac0676115
e25a4ef0 transfer 720.240 HIVE to 720.240 WHIVE converted! Tx hash: 0xa5bb6e8aa68d4d320c3df4a68bedbb5fe6f71c3901c0a83ef83fede40391e835
796f5cb3 transfer 98.511 HIVE to Match WHIVE supply
7df50732 transfer 13.054 HIVE to Refund of 13.054 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
2f09f927 transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0x6f5a8b0ab1dbbb55594a1c1b1a7707a15dedb379a5c08415b369774e1a0dc6f6!
61febd51 transfer 16.350 HIVE to 0.25% + 7.600 fee for transaction: 0x6f5a8b0ab1dbbb55594a1c1b1a7707a15dedb379a5c08415b369774e1a0dc6f6!
8cd05b1f transfer 3,500 HIVE to 0xd39B6849d2e1dB20BAb50dd7A4F3e0882c744404
20f25ac9 transfer 181.159 HIVE to 181.159 WHIVE converted! Tx hash: 0xb376da24f0643564ca3371a3381b88d7c4d0435aa896d8a48039a9d4b0deb2fd
e7b92fa9 transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0x8bd91d36b33761023e01e950f4d3799ca1f8e52484f079e2793e00e7a0f6febe!
bada8f7f transfer 16.622 HIVE to 0.25% + 10.372 fee for transaction: 0x8bd91d36b33761023e01e950f4d3799ca1f8e52484f079e2793e00e7a0f6febe!
e5b26c94 transfer 10.937 HIVE to Refund of 10.937 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
0b3ba70c transfer 2,500 HIVE to 0xE2b7dA9D93e09af93E52F19FDa221fE601954Aa6
2f527b7a transfer 420 HIVE to Refund! Reason: Internal Server Error
93c421db transfer 420 HIVE to 0xb1d85F987BfAAfA444111f016651fe45836b7465
74ae46b8 transfer 29.790 HIVE to 0.25% + 4.790 fee for transaction: 0x57a77b4f34428d602ab54a8c2f4259778322ad7428ff30dc51edd536bb88cb8e!
3cee2b31 transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0x57a77b4f34428d602ab54a8c2f4259778322ad7428ff30dc51edd536bb88cb8e!
099cd76c transfer 10,000 HIVE to 0xd058d11afbEB5C7FF61051cb9D6949274E20900b
4790ff56 transfer 250 HIVE to 250.000 WHIVE converted! Tx hash: 0x2d61c96a1a87ffb2fdf32717554a693091647abe300a3ebbf3d5e593db4a322c
425d72dd transfer 14.861 HIVE to 0.25% + 10.611 fee for transaction: 0xa0a0b4f3a5be118364fc317ce07aaebdbdb200d44960c71caaa0d89c8a3332c1!
861f2f66 transfer 14.225 HIVE to Refund of 14.225 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
5bda39c6 transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0xa0a0b4f3a5be118364fc317ce07aaebdbdb200d44960c71caaa0d89c8a3332c1!
5847d919 transfer 1,700 HIVE to 0xcafCD5766D197D6B4b0100C91A742dBdfDdBd146
61b71bd5 transfer 10.167 HIVE to 0.25% + 8.917 fee for transaction: 0xf5b31d818e39c6d713d6818e628858481c7afb3395af0b7425a79e5bceeeb66e!
afacc8c6 transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0xf5b31d818e39c6d713d6818e628858481c7afb3395af0b7425a79e5bceeeb66e!
e9295c64 transfer 13.329 HIVE to Refund of 13.329 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
6f1926bf transfer 500 HIVE to 0xc644805f5585457437cf5f62750ea8bd0e33069E
4f59fa62 transfer 3.265 HIVE to Refund of 3.265 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
496ab776 transfer 18.177 HIVE to 0.25% + 5.841 fee for transaction: 0x9f75e66b29204d73f5ecd9d056e89fde438213f8fc0044101631fe3cd5525b5d!
457b7169 transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0x9f75e66b29204d73f5ecd9d056e89fde438213f8fc0044101631fe3cd5525b5d!
82fab543 transfer 4,934.190 HIVE to 0xeD0fb2f874092585AB30fA71D8572751614e03ec
19a6170c transfer 250 HIVE to refund
6a5208f9 transfer 13.373 HIVE to Refund of 13.373 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
9a8e3d60 transfer 5.762 HIVE to 0.25% + 5.137 fee for transaction: 0x7045144edb5ea689b0326549ede090a400a65735709b594909eb5823d696b02c!
3caec633 transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0x7045144edb5ea689b0326549ede090a400a65735709b594909eb5823d696b02c!
db50ea0b transfer 250 HIVE to 0x1F979d06B999D058A6A950452260beaCf2F9d903
122210d0 transfer 250 HIVE to 0x1F979d06B999D058A6A950452260beaCf2F9d903
757a3e5b transfer 19.679 HIVE to 0.25% + 7.179 fee for transaction: 0xfa5c7664ea9e8485c76654125e4c01eefd1b86dbf9032ff5fd3f2bc505245623!
5a84a0b8 transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0xfa5c7664ea9e8485c76654125e4c01eefd1b86dbf9032ff5fd3f2bc505245623!
e409012e transfer 5,000 HIVE to 0x2102773D82130C6469a4e4b30d66E14a9472135c
72944bda transfer 6.395 HIVE to 0.25% + 5.345 fee for transaction: 0xd0833ee88852f79548324e4146e508ef22dd88a22d094bf14ba36f90ea712e79!
995b7fc5 transfer 8.121 HIVE to Refund of 8.121 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
96c238e6 transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0xd0833ee88852f79548324e4146e508ef22dd88a22d094bf14ba36f90ea712e79!
9351a7ac transfer 420 HIVE to 0xb1d85F987BfAAfA444111f016651fe45836b7465
5407fa84 transfer 6.671 HIVE to Refund of 6.671 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
58b2733c transfer 7.845 HIVE to 0.25% + 5.345 fee for transaction: 0x69bb081b1423205aec954f2060744cdbfbee6c09bf56a44552957e8de8fe9d87!
261158a7 transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0x69bb081b1423205aec954f2060744cdbfbee6c09bf56a44552957e8de8fe9d87!
5fa3c70c transfer 1,000 HIVE to 0xd39B6849d2e1dB20BAb50dd7A4F3e0882c744404
de09433b transfer 17.811 HIVE to 0.25% + 5.261 fee for transaction: 0x69783fff4c2517c5263834493af6c083b4a461398b9f7d7eb161ea678bf03878!
23d3ac46 transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0x69783fff4c2517c5263834493af6c083b4a461398b9f7d7eb161ea678bf03878!
602b8a80 transfer 5,020 HIVE to 0x040BFA96615fCEED61E68223feF17B72EC0197Ff
4b2f47ab transfer 18.610 HIVE to 0.25% + 6.110 fee for transaction: 0xd7a31e231da6be772902895349558770bee3a38005effbeab17f79d6a8ae0ccd!
2bf70db6 transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0xd7a31e231da6be772902895349558770bee3a38005effbeab17f79d6a8ae0ccd!
e5bca6c7 transfer 5,000 HIVE to 0xd39B6849d2e1dB20BAb50dd7A4F3e0882c744404
2dd19349 transfer 12.892 HIVE to 0.25% + 10.382 fee for transaction: 0x0348f674d650f4232c5322ac8b359462c17de4d3714ceb5e01595ff85299683b!
1104b99b transfer 15.382 HIVE to Refund of 15.382 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
77c9bfbc transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0x0348f674d650f4232c5322ac8b359462c17de4d3714ceb5e01595ff85299683b!
2a97df89 transfer 1,004 HIVE to 0x45E04A75CD16cC36a0d4175781968D2e46C1F7B3
b2f7bec5 transfer 9.719 HIVE to Refund of 9.719 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
6b473685 transfer 8.709 HIVE to 0.25% + 6.738 fee for transaction: 0xd4aea4b5573eb78833675fb218e11c1554f0f3b0b76e876150323d56f962f7e2!
d3334d6d transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0xd4aea4b5573eb78833675fb218e11c1554f0f3b0b76e876150323d56f962f7e2!
84a589c9 transfer 788.164 HIVE to 0xeD0fb2f874092585AB30fA71D8572751614e03ec
5c3538b3 transfer 7.962 HIVE to Refund of 7.962 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
c01a80ff transfer 10.298 HIVE to 0.25% + 6.555 fee for transaction: 0x0fb02344df21c16eb7f8296c5419117100fb099522445e3ef9822d8a7dfa80f5!
25596579 transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0x0fb02344df21c16eb7f8296c5419117100fb099522445e3ef9822d8a7dfa80f5!
82174a09 transfer 1,497 HIVE to 0x42568d37e764e1eaB444C9Fc6d03eA7BCAfF4c4A
835d73ec transfer 10.154 HIVE to 0.25% + 6.103 fee for transaction: 0xdc0de3ace877c7eda98d269aed56cf21febe14f266b6ba93e2c418dda83fa42e!
9b43d388 transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0xdc0de3ace877c7eda98d269aed56cf21febe14f266b6ba93e2c418dda83fa42e!
fc400021 transfer 1,620.796 HIVE to 0xeD0fb2f874092585AB30fA71D8572751614e03ec
72c71169 transfer 5.642 HIVE to 0.25% + 5.142 fee for transaction: 0x7c4df9eaefa5facb5e5f6f8d73c11d0cfeed6dd489fdc62c3a8c50a9feb3185b!
c71f7bfd transfer 13.480 HIVE to Refund of 13.480 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
78fcf4a7 transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0x7c4df9eaefa5facb5e5f6f8d73c11d0cfeed6dd489fdc62c3a8c50a9feb3185b!
21de1edf transfer 200 HIVE to 0x4b86F0d069d804f7a2aF62902c5FA49fe8A77600
5a19e9d5 transfer 4.992 HIVE to Refund! Reason: Please send more than 50 HIVE!
ac8225dd transfer 4.992 HIVE to 0x45E04A75CD16cC36a0d4175781968D2e46C1F7B3
f22a0478 transfer 9.086 HIVE to Refund of 9.086 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
42669556 transfer 9.715 HIVE to 0.25% + 7.222 fee for transaction: 0xb5a1e5f8fd0a7d1d682bfefac122d53f7ce28139f71c1f0a35d3f4a79a797c58!
6802768c transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0xb5a1e5f8fd0a7d1d682bfefac122d53f7ce28139f71c1f0a35d3f4a79a797c58!
2363e946 transfer 997 HIVE to 0xb82e0f3c72820861037bD7C3d911a96e6cb25497
7df9b1ae transfer 1,080.412 HIVE to 1080.412 WHIVE converted! Tx hash: 0x669de3e4be58e3cc683c8719a43cc098f7d8e26ec0cd9ba4b3b460821d43f2e0
f66867fa transfer 4,478.717 HIVE to 4478.717 WHIVE converted! Tx hash: 0x22284ea56a2f90802ec71bf8205cdffeadf663b0903c3ef67b6ae9b92292c1a7
969d550e transfer 11.652 HIVE to 0.25% + 10.152 fee for transaction: 0x051c2bc298932e5da74064f6e157fac9090fdfb345b76e598a180811a5d0f1a5!
45918677 transfer 19.405 HIVE to Refund of 19.405 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
70470bc6 transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0x051c2bc298932e5da74064f6e157fac9090fdfb345b76e598a180811a5d0f1a5!
d804874e transfer 600 HIVE to 0x1F979d06B999D058A6A950452260beaCf2F9d903
be64ca55 transfer 15.895 HIVE to Refund of 15.895 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
db51ae1f transfer 11.940 HIVE to 0.25% + 10.940 fee for transaction: 0xf6592e5e5106758825ae2e7a05ae674e47b4dd32107fa85edadc7aab2b56aab5!
51ddf887 transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0xf6592e5e5106758825ae2e7a05ae674e47b4dd32107fa85edadc7aab2b56aab5!
179bd285 transfer 400 HIVE to 0x8491877BcB79DbE259Dd40Ba316c264AF628903d
7cf5d92c transfer 9.838 HIVE to 0.25% + 9.713 fee for transaction: 0x3a3c35ad5b705fabfe2a0728556fa88c99f15da8d41339c824ce4868a9d018ad!
9b77b522 transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0x3a3c35ad5b705fabfe2a0728556fa88c99f15da8d41339c824ce4868a9d018ad!
eb0c3b49 transfer 13.458 HIVE to Refund of 13.458 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
ec0bc1b3 transfer 50 HIVE to 0x07CDe58672343e8A9103856c9Ef40E676af03D96
6f653773 transfer 12.728 HIVE to Refund of 12.728 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
a6b62cfb transfer 10.568 HIVE to 0.25% + 8.818 fee for transaction: 0xa9669e4afc6e5a99aec9c5752b3b3d9f328e33b783de77bcf923266a9e9b7c9e!
f8a4b59f transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0xa9669e4afc6e5a99aec9c5752b3b3d9f328e33b783de77bcf923266a9e9b7c9e!
32bcbae8 transfer 700 HIVE to 0x3Bb63EDd3Ff0F285997C52D8ee362dd40d3B2AAd
be6ee94f transfer 6.998 HIVE to Refund of 6.998 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
2d5e949e transfer 10.721 HIVE to 0.25% + 5.721 fee for transaction: 0x84af2e9922c40b4af27a6cefa769b065ae7c76a843110ba26351f29ed90aadf0!
5f9c57ed transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0x84af2e9922c40b4af27a6cefa769b065ae7c76a843110ba26351f29ed90aadf0!
4e07c771 transfer 2,000 HIVE to 0xd39B6849d2e1dB20BAb50dd7A4F3e0882c744404
0677a60c transfer 8.805 HIVE to Refund of 8.805 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
3bdb45fb transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0x9256707e6cf62b8d41c4b28535b6f2b01a4c93d9fa58f616af318e7cf2f6345c!
454170b9 transfer 8.914 HIVE to 0.25% + 8.414 fee for transaction: 0x9256707e6cf62b8d41c4b28535b6f2b01a4c93d9fa58f616af318e7cf2f6345c!
463337d0 transfer 200 HIVE to 0x469Bf041c570bc834f2abd6BCfED9ab146CcD8d8
f766bf94 transfer 8.721 HIVE to Refund of 8.721 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
dd09e196 transfer 8.998 HIVE to 0.25% + 8.498 fee for transaction: 0x247f3ce8e2f214e25dfeaaa9d3d5b95cff4167f0fe0b7a6e782452996d4c5b14!
3fbf88cb transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0x247f3ce8e2f214e25dfeaaa9d3d5b95cff4167f0fe0b7a6e782452996d4c5b14!
bfad7f0a transfer 200 HIVE to 0x4b86F0d069d804f7a2aF62902c5FA49fe8A77600
c4b485ff transfer 12.199 HIVE to 0.25% + 9.636 fee for transaction: 0x74a79ef42084f39cf90e189841e385b40afe6c07c600b28ad997231c7fbe6251!
aa350620 transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0x74a79ef42084f39cf90e189841e385b40afe6c07c600b28ad997231c7fbe6251!
0cfb8015 transfer 12.985 HIVE to Refund of 12.985 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!