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Posting json metadata"{"profile":{"profile_image":"","name":"Wrapped Hive","about":"ERC20 token representing HIVE on Ethereum blockchain.\n\nBridge temporarily paused (11/20/2022)! Will be back soon.","location":"Hive & Ethereum","website":"","version":2}}"
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5cc54008 account_update2
posting_json_metadata"{"profile":{"profile_image":"","name":"Wrapped Hive","about":"ERC20 token representing HIVE on Ethereum blockchain.\n\nBridge temporarily paused (11/20/2022)! Will be back soon.","location":"Hive & Ethereum","website":"","version":2}}"
0c9031d6 transfer 315.598 HIVE to Wrapped Hive: 0xf02b964ebd66e1bede78c737d83b53738ec1fb80c93e206bbd2be5320efc9a72
d09f08c9 transfer 9.232 HIVE to 0.25% + 7.960 fee for transaction: 0x163b178a7e8501ed76c19f00d99919f17dec522f78daabc57320621d216bd9a1!
61caa041 transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0x163b178a7e8501ed76c19f00d99919f17dec522f78daabc57320621d216bd9a1!
f9e6651c transfer 509 HIVE to 0xc1591641FcDd64B7b387d733c8E9c6c97dfdb1E6
ea5c0378 transfer 65.966 HIVE to Wrapped Hive
e3f553dc transfer 456.979 HIVE to 456.979 WHIVE converted! Tx hash: 0xa9eabd8ee44c1716c790a3471718daef96e059a7c406da6071310d2b00858a3f
7724fab1 transfer 1 HIVE to
068b5ec0 transfer 456.979 HIVE to Wrapped Hive
e3155b39 transfer 240 HIVE to 0x5D43a3723abC0B2Ea151A5eAD14a972b4Fdd04F4
4a696731 transfer 5 HIVE to 5.000 WHIVE converted! Tx hash: 0xc173151c6c8572d9c702270202117e7b7c1611d4ad2c89ff5c8acbff32286d2e
21f3520d transfer 17.846 HIVE to 0.25% + 16.419 fee for transaction: 0xef16f2404edb07209b433f7359e45a456a349e82faaa962ce6b2044e98a91b65!
0297b424 transfer 26.375 HIVE to Refund of 26.375 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
ca8378ba transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0xef16f2404edb07209b433f7359e45a456a349e82faaa962ce6b2044e98a91b65!
0a690b1d transfer 570.572 HIVE to 0x87577E9004052dD82aC00c243651eba4d646c7B6
7139ac2e transfer 51 HIVE to Refund! Reason: Internal server error
cd97b8f5 transfer 51 HIVE to 0x61618760937871E8E0B57c7f01d70Db4965C827c
4e8d9e16 transfer 50 HIVE to Refund! Reason: Internal server error
78494b88 transfer 50 HIVE to 0x61618760937871E8E0B57c7f01d70Db4965C827c
cf47d731 transfer 321.088 HIVE to 321.088 WHIVE converted! Tx hash: 0x2c76b9389722f0541b3c18e5b6e2765f4a08f38fb93e86acf059977a7ac8067a
22cb37ff transfer 18.854 HIVE to Refund of 18.854 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
11fa0b98 transfer 12.820 HIVE to 0.25% + 12.695 fee for transaction: 0x180fb68dc1ca1e3d16fd34080036da12ee356bc018a244e64f784bc6e5ce5d8d!
8a020906 transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0x180fb68dc1ca1e3d16fd34080036da12ee356bc018a244e64f784bc6e5ce5d8d!
e3f2bb87 transfer 50 HIVE to 0xD81720B7bBF094279772154cc20637f0f9ccC7cf
0adc801a transfer 1,466.644 HIVE to 1466.644 WHIVE converted! Tx hash: 0x6b7af0338d705766e01acbff81c36cc96b393a6958dc4801f7a8b7bf22e4e605
77da5728 transfer 1,000 HIVE to 1000.000 WHIVE converted! Tx hash: 0x8799bc45d81061f100f5b9b2fd602c91c8715b31ecd1d82eadacdc6b51dbcbb8
6b001cbd transfer 5.614 HIVE to 0.25% + 3.739 fee for transaction: 0x656621c33f5368b530a3d9b5a7e4c80e264f48ef81050294839d738effe799fd!
088d04f6 transfer 4.694 HIVE to Refund of 4.694 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
785c9b7e transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0x656621c33f5368b530a3d9b5a7e4c80e264f48ef81050294839d738effe799fd!
ecd0c7a3 transfer 750 HIVE to 0x87577E9004052dD82aC00c243651eba4d646c7B6
c263bac8 transfer 1,330.087 HIVE to 1330.087 WHIVE converted! Tx hash: 0x0b792bd16b2aba37f1d079c9e4feb0ae75e9732b4dce8a376fcaab7c273cf310
16d91b92 transfer 466 HIVE to 466.000 WHIVE converted! Tx hash: 0xa6831e2e8255672546fcf3abf644656c6fdace8c7fe699d81a67dc11d41fa7c1
e4149a27 transfer 156 HIVE to 156.000 WHIVE converted! Tx hash: 0x8b06474ee40b4e5467f657ee1e87063cf44bf42f5157e4e0bd040ad3a006a15b
5c8cbc6e transfer 50 HIVE to Refund! Reason: Current ETH fee is 141.734 HIVE!
912175da transfer 50 HIVE to 0x004beE68F2D00f93FeeF42AB4F34f091523e27FE
43218605 transfer 9.908 HIVE to 0.25% + 8.833 fee for transaction: 0x9730a9c350feabbfb12e1758ac58f32aad8d666b042ad7546124d61ba1a4407f!
a4a0c5a4 transfer 9.772 HIVE to Refund of 9.772 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
43abb77c transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0x9730a9c350feabbfb12e1758ac58f32aad8d666b042ad7546124d61ba1a4407f!
d017d50c transfer 430 HIVE to 0x899Ed591e9Cd441a4a909132bAE1558b254b4733
f817a7fd transfer 25.039 HIVE to Refund of 25.039 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
bd9ccdca transfer 34.042 HIVE to 0.25% + 32.207 fee for transaction: 0x5396110da6050b22185e00347c8addc56f966ea386215d60433cd0841c26354b!
2f2e816a transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0x5396110da6050b22185e00347c8addc56f966ea386215d60433cd0841c26354b!
ff91de86 transfer 734 HIVE to 0x87577E9004052dD82aC00c243651eba4d646c7B6
c3193edb transfer 49.228 HIVE to Refund of 49.228 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
2628764d transfer 33.548 HIVE to 0.25% + 32.290 fee for transaction: 0xbf2d3df4ddd2e648a999e5152b9ed572397516d5c0a75b74cb11197b0c30778b!
2edbc70e transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0xbf2d3df4ddd2e648a999e5152b9ed572397516d5c0a75b74cb11197b0c30778b!
6f0fd459 transfer 503.184 HIVE to 0x87577E9004052dD82aC00c243651eba4d646c7B6
44e90c98 transfer 1.990 HIVE to Refund! Reason: Please send more than 50 HIVE!
73ee0c49 transfer 1.990 HIVE to 0x87577E9004052dD82aC00c243651eba4d646c7B6
8297e9aa transfer 948.193 HIVE to 948.193 WHIVE converted! Tx hash: 0x738b4f0de0e94dd26b4653305bbd004e31b4ec952a56712bb1dfdb1e384acaac
4841eac8 transfer 699.687 HIVE to 699.687 WHIVE converted! Tx hash: 0x39a318e0727d843ce791118ab6c7cf7cf8c4e18f3a9eb690e0bfcf6e0ef89026
1eae1ebc transfer 59,000 HIVE to 59000.000 WHIVE converted! Tx hash: 0x0482ab5fc966c84f3bfa1cb4d31f5390d460b2f0673e19cd7f7b11fdfbf960df
934637cc transfer 37.523 HIVE to 0.25% + 25.023 fee for transaction: 0x28a402b0fb33b8aba57af3aa40a46dab738e10d08d4935459652b96da4e4e341!
8558558c transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0x28a402b0fb33b8aba57af3aa40a46dab738e10d08d4935459652b96da4e4e341!
e3fac604 transfer 48.947 HIVE to Refund of 48.947 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
7206a3f8 transfer 5,000 HIVE to 0xcafCD5766D197D6B4b0100C91A742dBdfDdBd146
3eea0cd5 transfer 149.885 HIVE to 0.25% + 26.193 fee for transaction: 0xd3c268a969ee00e03948a377164af043cd2258a63f8c2fa0c1a4c8775ce0fe11!
ed7c8fc6 transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0xd3c268a969ee00e03948a377164af043cd2258a63f8c2fa0c1a4c8775ce0fe11!
1330af00 transfer 49,477 HIVE to 0x54Db6471467ECd43ABF62b976fe1834E4d2ac41B
f91c7286 transfer 2,512.255 HIVE to 2512.255 WHIVE converted! Tx hash: 0x0195fd3983953d4de2bf8b05a8764dc628cc7af1676cc27fdfb46589943d6b81
801d2a28 transfer 310.035 HIVE to 310.035 WHIVE converted! Tx hash: 0xaf81332b494fd2d1934fea522d00199c8d0836cf4337bd5f0d2b8d9e3127f3fc
a05a0867 transfer 82.019 HIVE to 0.25% + 80.769 fee for transaction: 0x56b242d3afcab7a9423c297c5e2a410634c1d840d6eb3f7380c901105db87e97!
74f7abfa transfer 106.695 HIVE to Refund of 106.695 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
52c91407 transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0x56b242d3afcab7a9423c297c5e2a410634c1d840d6eb3f7380c901105db87e97!
b050e339 transfer 500 HIVE to 0x55544915d0E1c8d6899551C80d583e8061bcB1eD
9955fe0d transfer 352.163 HIVE to 352.163 WHIVE converted! Tx hash: 0xd59630ae98f5676db62ca9694e96e6cffe5d8393c6f7bf7cd5baed6c41f146ec
8db3d751 transfer 1 HIVE to
8702242f transfer 30.118 HIVE to Balance fix
950b0d5b transfer 1 HIVE to Refund! Reason: Please use Ethereum address as memo!
4ad4ede8 transfer 1 HIVE to
f0ee144b transfer 1 HIVE to Refund! Reason: Please use Ethereum address as memo!
91a9a162 transfer 1 HIVE to
73b17f5d transfer 1 HIVE to Refund! Reason: Please use Ethereum address as memo!
93f5fe74 transfer 1 HIVE to fix
9cea36ba transfer 1 HIVE to Refund! Reason: Please use BSC address as memo!
6dc288a6 transfer 51.706 HIVE to 0.25% + 50.956 fee for transaction: 0xc8e6cbd044794dfcedcd680f18e46e12d6b635a7b2499c70384e30959966b2ca!
99ddd998 transfer 56.017 HIVE to Refund of 56.017 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
e5db7ddd transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0xc8e6cbd044794dfcedcd680f18e46e12d6b635a7b2499c70384e30959966b2ca!
d5e50382 transfer 300 HIVE to 0xAc08Fed3FF5410112EE07e05952B0583CB278402
0b1afb0b transfer 38.426 HIVE to Refund of 38.426 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
15b5da59 transfer 41.187 HIVE to 0.25% + 40.874 fee for transaction: 0x614b523184b3cb8bce810e74dd0d9b80f5435803b0fcbc4e216ee6ed991b044d!
38b2c9c1 transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0x614b523184b3cb8bce810e74dd0d9b80f5435803b0fcbc4e216ee6ed991b044d!
92075ce0 transfer 125 HIVE to 0xDb5581599Eb6A93f4f2d5458049B9c50d16461CB
3d6287ab transfer 1,707.266 HIVE to 1707.266 WHIVE converted! Tx hash: 0xea0d4f9a5780851447f87a61fa939b722c5bd0818ae062c12db33d49216b3b64
97758ba6 transfer 63.981 HIVE to 63.981 WHIVE converted! Tx hash: 0x7296e17fe15d6280d79949894090ccff55e715f7bfad413c921dcbd122f35405
ed98fefa transfer 128.048 HIVE to 128.048 WHIVE converted! Tx hash: 0x6f673617c36f9f4ddacf571b6799486014cf7aef74d1e9e87c7f06ef76f3cd1d
d8ab35f4 transfer 61.659 HIVE to Refund of 61.659 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
8c1bdbad transfer 61.662 HIVE to 0.25% + 57.337 fee for transaction: 0xd33857a0c4865048a966333c80f94d5168b869df0bc3e6a8e6443eac32d6b367!
af859b62 transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0xd33857a0c4865048a966333c80f94d5168b869df0bc3e6a8e6443eac32d6b367!
d2219912 transfer 1,729.990 HIVE to 0x6323aa0B99EA68781CA52E9A1921f0FE72A78B31
2bd58f47 transfer 33.572 HIVE to 0.25% + 33.072 fee for transaction: 0x4f974a386147306085050c98eee4c1cc78d85814cf48940ab1923f1d02de5ff1!
496797dc transfer 37.880 HIVE to Refund of 37.880 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
9deb511e transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0x4f974a386147306085050c98eee4c1cc78d85814cf48940ab1923f1d02de5ff1!
3a6558f0 transfer 200 HIVE to 0x07BD5E1FB3A4a3242d4a70B88B74075DB9BF1E05
b7999667 transfer 1 HIVE to Refund! Reason: Please use Ethereum address as memo!
bf0794bb transfer 1 HIVE to test
6a9e9a14 transfer 33.113 HIVE to 33.113 WHIVE converted! Tx hash: 0x0c5ff2a98aac2de78ec22411301ecd29c6c7cd8018a7b8b0052055b72f0b2565
b19d5e82 transfer 1,231 HIVE to 1231.000 WHIVE converted! Tx hash: 0x636c96f72c83c2fef46295caeb24cfaa3f0dd02b653052d0415bb38d2fe4036d
62fae058 transfer 1 HIVE to Refund! Reason: Please use Ethereum address as memo!
9e6ff9dc transfer 1 HIVE to Do. Or do not. There is no try
44976a20 transfer 20.538 HIVE to 0.25% + 14.271 fee for transaction: 0x4755d2a8c97804899c7d527f9f6086d6e7cdd7220d5dfb9d84efe7d413a7f1d1!
b5d7955b transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0x4755d2a8c97804899c7d527f9f6086d6e7cdd7220d5dfb9d84efe7d413a7f1d1!
acbb5d8c transfer 27.822 HIVE to Refund of 27.822 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
c9e078dd transfer 2,506.694 HIVE to 0xf8536B417396cB1eC80b12b1c9c573392357e619
7c5854ec transfer 19.631 HIVE to Refund of 19.631 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
94667f20 transfer 20.197 HIVE to 0.25% + 20.072 fee for transaction: 0xf197e4b3cf08bd3876347aa08aed16c2d1f6cd526016c068989a2c3f1a061c36!
6f623bd3 transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0xf197e4b3cf08bd3876347aa08aed16c2d1f6cd526016c068989a2c3f1a061c36!
08715570 transfer 50 HIVE to 0xf8536B417396cB1eC80b12b1c9c573392357e619
33d72f48 transfer 9.159 HIVE to Refund of 9.159 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
36ce78c9 transfer 9.867 HIVE to 0.25% + 8.264 fee for transaction: 0xdfb50b97c89a8c8ab35626afef49809efe4c3e2c22e48eddce413d025bb32688!
867c4f31 transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0xdfb50b97c89a8c8ab35626afef49809efe4c3e2c22e48eddce413d025bb32688!
2d774730 transfer 641 HIVE to 0x899Ed591e9Cd441a4a909132bAE1558b254b4733
23bc7655 transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0xbdf1edc6a8e98c8adbab1df7f2756f6e5746f4709d3470d1127748336fac185a!
8da379b4 transfer 22.683 HIVE to 0.25% + 22.558 fee for transaction: 0xbdf1edc6a8e98c8adbab1df7f2756f6e5746f4709d3470d1127748336fac185a!
45e39523 transfer 21.207 HIVE to Refund of 21.207 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
dcbf05e8 transfer 50 HIVE to 0x899Ed591e9Cd441a4a909132bAE1558b254b4733
4fd7c69e transfer 12.102 HIVE to 0.25% + 9.602 fee for transaction: 0xbc2a057d83911d930db2668824321eb816a26f0eff9deee5f7565b86b52447e2!
fdae04fd transfer 20.946 HIVE to Refund of 20.946 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
4cb16e6e transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0xbc2a057d83911d930db2668824321eb816a26f0eff9deee5f7565b86b52447e2!
b0cf0577 transfer 1,000 HIVE to 0x58fD375809350718fA97432566671D84C9CbFb72
ca81c9f4 transfer 10,171.820 HIVE to 10171.820 WHIVE converted! Tx hash: 0x1267ce46d331112776506c0ff918b1c283378a5d15fb4839c347d41be80e2cd8
f3178d98 transfer 200 HIVE to 200.000 WHIVE converted! Tx hash: 0xa97d24a5c4cd04804296be10bf22d4587079d13e9448e51a687b4ea4c3b6de28
a3cb42ef transfer 19.992 HIVE to 0.25% + 19.867 fee for transaction: 0xe40b23c06ec8b39b88da4b82f625aa7aa87b8aedc68512690040cc9de3b03f67!
641409e2 transfer 27.895 HIVE to Refund of 27.895 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
eaac05b0 transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0xe40b23c06ec8b39b88da4b82f625aa7aa87b8aedc68512690040cc9de3b03f67!
47f583d6 transfer 50 HIVE to 0x07b37E682B100208C6288F2F121298A4D60D103c
801274dc transfer 6.214 HIVE to Refund of 6.214 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
e6a0f7d1 transfer 22.929 HIVE to 0.25% + 13.679 fee for transaction: 0xdedae9e53e0b29a0f34c73e991c3b73848f7f3f86d77475933942387ef159130!
f838f39e transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0xdedae9e53e0b29a0f34c73e991c3b73848f7f3f86d77475933942387ef159130!
8e2eaa6b transfer 3,700 HIVE to 0x54Db6471467ECd43ABF62b976fe1834E4d2ac41B
b5257f66 transfer 9.366 HIVE to 0.25% + 9.116 fee for transaction: 0xcbda10436bd8daabec740837102d609bad1285a80241ee60fb5a376906c20ffb!
aa7fc705 transfer 8.118 HIVE to Refund of 8.118 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
7c6a5820 transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0xcbda10436bd8daabec740837102d609bad1285a80241ee60fb5a376906c20ffb!
75a907da transfer 100 HIVE to 0xAbCaaE69B9c794491472cA7eCf1B6011D68ED7eD
b3f19c9a transfer 4.888 HIVE to Refund of 4.888 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
54f492b5 transfer 13.265 HIVE to 0.25% + 8.265 fee for transaction: 0x14dadd5103dda6a36b1cd3c9a045afc14542d1d5b6859cd400cae5f81fb13ba5!
3d4b2413 transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0x14dadd5103dda6a36b1cd3c9a045afc14542d1d5b6859cd400cae5f81fb13ba5!
795cff80 transfer 2,000 HIVE to 0x1F979d06B999D058A6A950452260beaCf2F9d903
8da439fe transfer 1,012.030 HIVE to 1012.030 WHIVE converted! Tx hash: 0x611f4f5de96c794157ffd6662c7264d78d016bd3587d97f3f7235d00a36c189c
2ac25c17 transfer 14.900 HIVE to match supply
b792825f transfer 2.787 HIVE to Refund of 2.787 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
30f62cd2 transfer 5.456 HIVE to 0.25% + 3.181 fee for transaction: 0xaead6dcb189ed74fbb0deb867bcab962ec191358c1cc69cf05fb610549b6f2d3!
78307943 transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0xaead6dcb189ed74fbb0deb867bcab962ec191358c1cc69cf05fb610549b6f2d3!
36f8cc49 transfer 910 HIVE to 0x43B403F5Dcba5BF15746BdbF5013db8A4dE6aBf7
be6b7875 transfer 2.505 HIVE to 0.25% + 2.379 fee for transaction: 0xf3a02cd67ed7470b5b37fe47ab0e38d8005f251faafdfc21e1eb86339023e7f1!
06cbae4c transfer 3.410 HIVE to Refund of 3.410 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
0b7eec9d transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0xf3a02cd67ed7470b5b37fe47ab0e38d8005f251faafdfc21e1eb86339023e7f1!
f07b41f2 transfer 50.103 HIVE to 0x888FB23E4af27E117Bbd54B6f9BF01aB39B7B2F9
e14f1938 transfer 2.831 HIVE to 0.25% + 2.539 fee for transaction: 0xd0aa11bd75a0e6b9cff644c7e5e0bb50d7b71e76f0a4a1f9e525cff6ebcccb7b!
fb27d05b transfer 3.223 HIVE to Refund of 3.223 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
fe340676 transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0xd0aa11bd75a0e6b9cff644c7e5e0bb50d7b71e76f0a4a1f9e525cff6ebcccb7b!
3f56e4ef transfer 117 HIVE to 0xC7f91D9F1a2609c89d600bACf38a21f09e77ddd8
9cfd95ed transfer 43.127 HIVE to 43.127 WHIVE converted! Tx hash: 0xb6b193bb1c6850503896eae06ee3697e61f6dbbe1404bc1be74e75508e6c1273
4acf03f1 transfer 50 HIVE to 50.000 WHIVE converted! Tx hash: 0x31df3097b17533c50df2fe0dea65bb3f87b297da157dea6dd21c273ac520c8b7
a49b4015 transfer 9.909 HIVE to 0.25% + 9.754 fee for transaction: 0xade9113c5e8d1f0fa476f43aa6d0c7d63a7e68565172a341be76b6fefbacb9b8!
c50c6fd0 transfer 8.809 HIVE to Refund of 8.809 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
d03558fa transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0xade9113c5e8d1f0fa476f43aa6d0c7d63a7e68565172a341be76b6fefbacb9b8!
a934cb50 transfer 62 HIVE to 0x1F979d06B999D058A6A950452260beaCf2F9d903
cabe045c transfer 23,232.575 HIVE to 23232.575 WHIVE converted! Tx hash: 0x2729ffcbfc2af08bfd38c2e083dd6933411af434f63f8afa6487c910c9a415c9
39e4609c transfer 250 HIVE to 250.000 WHIVE converted! Tx hash: 0x03543782f0a855d3f5c462ceff92fd30a23e1d6fe87c140e41b42c5770602138
2a20b87b transfer 537.161 HIVE to 537.161 WHIVE converted! Tx hash: 0x12dddeaf5cf9d297220583729fd2d7fe2ebfb15e399149e568a2d7429340d552
0eab707b transfer 4,974.497 HIVE to 4974.497 WHIVE converted! Tx hash: 0xf86c45a8b12d6c6e13d9c199bb07129a5da9399b38a7ae2aa20a270dfde17be8
8cafe05f transfer 7.894 HIVE to Refund of 7.894 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
c945bfa3 transfer 3.585 HIVE to 0.25% + 3.335 fee for transaction: 0xb12d43d2f45bc4a6edd4a45c3d12be61312e52eeac41593b4105b83d83c0411f!
3ddcaa20 transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0xb12d43d2f45bc4a6edd4a45c3d12be61312e52eeac41593b4105b83d83c0411f!
9c923a5b transfer 100 HIVE to 0x888FB23E4af27E117Bbd54B6f9BF01aB39B7B2F9
bbc94926 transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0x69391ccc00e9616fa95800e10a881b24935ed2affc73fa3febc2095cfd44e4ed!
2de02409 transfer 6.674 HIVE to 0.25% + 5.924 fee for transaction: 0x69391ccc00e9616fa95800e10a881b24935ed2affc73fa3febc2095cfd44e4ed!
286030bc transfer 7.428 HIVE to Refund of 7.428 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
48379538 transfer 300 HIVE to 0xd4a224A3565131FcD5F12fFbF8cB70e5b1aFAdF5
f9f6182e transfer 6,620.869 HIVE to 6620.869 WHIVE converted! Tx hash: 0x0afc2cc842b03d33fe89c972a439afe1f8b590f12f799c6d292c0af8c06b9242
f981ebfb transfer 200 HIVE to 200.000 WHIVE converted! Tx hash: 0xc5a01e433d164861b612aca4e428d076a6299d862dccc0f947d22767f081feee
8caea934 transfer 1 HIVE to Refund! Reason: Please use Ethereum address as memo!
5fe39cfc transfer 1 HIVE to Test HF 24
acee5c0f transfer 1,072.547 HIVE to 1072.547 WHIVE converted! Tx hash: 0xf9c966b56b80c7621d7a8b14655f22664520b5f36a1300618e5506e6c18c6a02
cc5873e5 transfer 1,229.414 HIVE to 1229.414 WHIVE converted! Tx hash: 0x2c088b5498bbba556d340287512451a01c80e535b3f32cbecd041d13e5cb544f
dbae2ced transfer 5.802 HIVE to Refund of 5.802 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
2d01d74b transfer 8.542 HIVE to 0.25% + 5.424 fee for transaction: 0x5935bac88bb57802a8cd507c89b3e9fd933463e9c542daa4474922a8ae10356c!
0005c196 transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0x5935bac88bb57802a8cd507c89b3e9fd933463e9c542daa4474922a8ae10356c!
7d68a3d4 transfer 1,246.875 HIVE to 0x1a91489dD8f74bDe7B217C6c68185e38C6748F7f
957dbe87 transfer 13.367 HIVE to 0.25% + 12.369 fee for transaction: 0xa985ce3ce55760bc0dae0ab4ae0ce360042be23e094ad8ee2eca0cd593c837b5!
5f629e06 transfer 14.417 HIVE to Refund of 14.417 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
5ea4fde7 transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0xa985ce3ce55760bc0dae0ab4ae0ce360042be23e094ad8ee2eca0cd593c837b5!
71b73132 transfer 399 HIVE to 0x08A0e3d128fe8a5F9262644EfEf5d767677FCD9D
ae3dcdc1 transfer 11.207 HIVE to 0.25% + 8.532 fee for transaction: 0x2ccc4d6f479a88494b98acd22771b254a3ee022a5cdab8aed3fa997773be58aa!
4b6f5a84 transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0x2ccc4d6f479a88494b98acd22771b254a3ee022a5cdab8aed3fa997773be58aa!
fcbd4caf transfer 11.380 HIVE to Refund of 11.380 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
5334a489 transfer 1,070 HIVE to 0xd6B983f0f79256f1ebB46Ec1F87a4b05f4e5a58F
1f77985d transfer 80.965 HIVE to 80.965 WHIVE converted! Tx hash: 0x3b4ab8c3dfadfef37de917cc494f931506f772d74ce7125e84dd2de66f7e8adb
37f3ba7d transfer 1,555.497 HIVE to 1555.497 WHIVE converted! Tx hash: 0xd9048e5decac0c31d768cf9797d6661f5de5c31c03717d0213903ff30e542523
956c32f2 transfer 179.401 HIVE to 179.401 WHIVE converted! Tx hash: 0x464ee05b2151ae10fb215cb44a7e427e3aee9862d46751c4b3ede830bc6a4406
d2416e37 transfer 8.268 HIVE to Refund of 8.268 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
ff68b739 transfer 12.414 HIVE to 0.25% + 8.414 fee for transaction: 0xef83db236f3bec90a8e662caa844b917080fb362564aa757541092c76e31b904!
7b827df2 transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0xef83db236f3bec90a8e662caa844b917080fb362564aa757541092c76e31b904!
e4adf5c7 transfer 1,600 HIVE to 0x7F9ae4F4dEA76B5d09a5254C7601C664FD162733
90cf42cd transfer 132.149 HIVE to 132.149 WHIVE converted! Tx hash: 0x2a109ad1a0d0361df7069b28cf09e7ba14e7f9f3c57f5709ed053ef942190570
a6d167c9 transfer 19.950 HIVE to Refund of 19.950 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
07b0f9fa transfer 8.810 HIVE to 0.25% + 8.535 fee for transaction: 0xb55edb164f8be52021e0141796eadcd0a0d084132dfa915c7d3fce6a11a64382!
e4ae7c75 transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0xb55edb164f8be52021e0141796eadcd0a0d084132dfa915c7d3fce6a11a64382!
335e8c99 transfer 110 HIVE to 0x768B07575496359503B64667c370bf253E71D7dA
f6b83b51 transfer 110 HIVE to 110.000 WHIVE converted! Tx hash: 0xb68bb252a46e0d151f4e9c23398fed97e14caf0c208b9d0911d076c3cd74a0cf
6dde5e2a transfer 973.250 HIVE to 973.250 WHIVE converted! Tx hash: 0xead0db14c904328dd3b4ef356ebe2e27fb03b9047d378e8fe763de27553b5c98
b922b520 transfer 1,222.780 HIVE to 1222.780 WHIVE converted! Tx hash: 0x4f0ad38519d028a2e008f9413e06acd395b7fe86a49a9ce0a520afdc17dacb1b
8601d4ed transfer 365.466 HIVE to 365.466 WHIVE converted! Tx hash: 0x4ec7e8e017fada4d8197dd1a4ca7f407d1b5103e3288b939ceb100267bf653bf
4e8dfcea transfer 82.065 HIVE to Match wHIVE and HIVE
c5e5db58 transfer 26.334 HIVE to Refund of 26.334 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
9c69b818 transfer 12.301 HIVE to 0.25% + 12.051 fee for transaction: 0x13480223486f6c0fcea06c16587eef9233fe2116ad6694009f76bf9a3e978cd8!
3eaa5f62 transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0x13480223486f6c0fcea06c16587eef9233fe2116ad6694009f76bf9a3e978cd8!
30743d36 transfer 100 HIVE to 0xcafCD5766D197D6B4b0100C91A742dBdfDdBd146
9ab80504 transfer 35.340 HIVE to Refund of 35.340 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
27548551 transfer 20.705 HIVE to 0.25% + 20.330 fee for transaction: 0xe2454879afe900ad90f5594f43c61928cdcc286a9094adaec26a40c8470d0279!
b518324c transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0xe2454879afe900ad90f5594f43c61928cdcc286a9094adaec26a40c8470d0279!
05e99c95 transfer 150 HIVE to 0x89166edCa82495eBaa6e0E925E8b5C1ee35D9d40
d482707b transfer 19.914 HIVE to 0.25% + 17.344 fee for transaction: 0xb772cc84d58ca8755f87e8b76bba3b203f163100f79fd0b16f2613faf4105023!
5e63f637 transfer 28.507 HIVE to Refund of 28.507 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
174c107a transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0xb772cc84d58ca8755f87e8b76bba3b203f163100f79fd0b16f2613faf4105023!
51dc99d0 transfer 1,027.859 HIVE to 0x45E04A75CD16cC36a0d4175781968D2e46C1F7B3
6f2c4c74 transfer 28.858 HIVE to Refund of 28.858 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
bd6cd8fd transfer 19.354 HIVE to 0.25% + 16.784 fee for transaction: 0x5d4dffe6b979e7b71dd2ec42438b974f416a98da9a5dbfc0a973a85ed315ba11!
965f21cd transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0x5d4dffe6b979e7b71dd2ec42438b974f416a98da9a5dbfc0a973a85ed315ba11!
1a3817a2 transfer 1,027.918 HIVE to 0x45E04A75CD16cC36a0d4175781968D2e46C1F7B3
aaafa7d6 transfer 28.918 HIVE to Refund! Reason: Please send more than 50 HIVE!
51d5dbf8 transfer 28.918 HIVE to 0x45E04A75CD16cC36a0d4175781968D2e46C1F7B3
39fadbf1 transfer 28.917 HIVE to Refund of 28.917 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
1131506f transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0xd88f37855ecbd0ad077b9f9175550276a318f1d5e9d8cea9c1fbf289fb84e634!
623ab132 transfer 19.295 HIVE to 0.25% + 16.784 fee for transaction: 0xd88f37855ecbd0ad077b9f9175550276a318f1d5e9d8cea9c1fbf289fb84e634!
f9ec61db transfer 1,004.193 HIVE to 0x45E04A75CD16cC36a0d4175781968D2e46C1F7B3
436d7ceb transfer 6,136.148 HIVE to 6136.148 WHIVE converted! Tx hash: 0x1df251a903b0f677ea9295c78c4d2f8295345292098de66d2052c2bb65874869
9163eb05 transfer 2 HIVE to 2.000 WHIVE converted! Tx hash: 0x57907eb7de9f1b66a2c5be0c51bb111983a1cca9c74161eb684b4b7d0a06cf0f
a4efbcef transfer 6.044 HIVE to Refund of 6.044 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
4dc9c265 transfer 26.866 HIVE to 0.25% + 11.399 fee for transaction: 0x42df53e5f8d33fda309622aafdf7f0ee1e447f6ace83c157d39973d1b5f0ae48!
e6a9aad8 transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0x42df53e5f8d33fda309622aafdf7f0ee1e447f6ace83c157d39973d1b5f0ae48!
d335d01d transfer 6,186.524 HIVE to 0x45E04A75CD16cC36a0d4175781968D2e46C1F7B3
be8e0063 transfer 10.517 HIVE to 0.25% + 8.110 fee for transaction: 0x324659cba8935915c372240421b2be5e96394f8050376fd4a5843d775c15296b!
d6ec619b transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0x324659cba8935915c372240421b2be5e96394f8050376fd4a5843d775c15296b!
b453fa8b transfer 22.393 HIVE to Refund of 22.393 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
f26b3280 transfer 962.755 HIVE to 0x45E04A75CD16cC36a0d4175781968D2e46C1F7B3
5ff00ab1 transfer 6.534 HIVE to Refund of 6.534 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
8d380517 transfer 24.603 HIVE to 0.25% + 11.519 fee for transaction: 0x5142cd9bf0e5e142fa9dd12527146bec006c35c22b6802078f81a2ff5fa99789!
d2842bab transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0x5142cd9bf0e5e142fa9dd12527146bec006c35c22b6802078f81a2ff5fa99789!
7850b054 transfer 5,233.474 HIVE to 0x45E04A75CD16cC36a0d4175781968D2e46C1F7B3
7dd687dd transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0xe41bdfb2342283b3af6e4034aad279e1269f53f10fdb8a1ecdd870de60c93e19!
bea4fbb8 transfer 21.964 HIVE to 0.25% + 11.410 fee for transaction: 0xe41bdfb2342283b3af6e4034aad279e1269f53f10fdb8a1ecdd870de60c93e19!
e6380de6 transfer 9.173 HIVE to Refund of 9.173 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
ccff2c06 transfer 4,221.776 HIVE to 0x45E04A75CD16cC36a0d4175781968D2e46C1F7B3
ed60464b transfer 17.580 HIVE to 0.25% + 11.410 fee for transaction: 0xaff4b7938e35e10adb71284c711de64e968e25a163f15e9f1175e18fb7d24f60!
66dc7ebf transfer 0.001 HIVE to Tokens sent! Hash: 0xaff4b7938e35e10adb71284c711de64e968e25a163f15e9f1175e18fb7d24f60!
c767ba5c transfer 13.557 HIVE to Refund of 13.557 HIVE (unspent transaction fees)!
d0cc502a transfer 2,468.272 HIVE to 0x45E04A75CD16cC36a0d4175781968D2e46C1F7B3