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Florida Adventures Part 2 - Animals by elamental

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Florida Adventures Part 2 - Animals

##### Ok, I wouldn't usually post this kind of thing, but when I was scrolling through the videos from our recent trip to Florida, I found one that made me laugh. I will reiterate that I DO NOT APPROVE OF CAGING ANIMALS! This was filmed at a tourist trap that our friend pulled over at to kill some time. 

<center>**This guy deserves to be FREE!**![20210518_153745.jpg](</center>

##### So basically, there is an emu, a kangaroo, some goats, turkeys, geese, cows, and one very persistently intrusive Ostridge. There were also gators around (as there are everywhere in Florida), but that is not what this video is about. 

<center>**NO MORE CAGES!**

##### This is part two of a four part series of our Florida adventures ([Part 1 - Mote Aquarium Video Tour]( It was only going to be three, but this one deserved it's own post. There was one part where Benj was VERY afraid to feed the Ostridge... and even a goat - unfortunately I didn't hit record to capture the main part of his hilarious freak out. That doesn't mean there aren't some funny moments though. I hope this cheers some spirits out there! I also very much hope that all these fine creatures can be liberated soon - #uncageallsouls 

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