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"I, Pet Goat II" Decode Series - Time 2:33: Breeding Of The Messiah by flauwy.apx

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"I, Pet Goat II" Decode Series - Time 2:33: Breeding Of The Messiah

_The animated short film "I, Pet Goat II" is a firework of occult knowledge about 9/11 leading to the return of Jesus Christ or more likely the Anti-Christ / Horus. I analyze the video with numbers, gematria and astrotheology. This series is revealing how numbers and gematria have been used to match the images shown._

## Minute 2:33

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At minute 2:33 we get to see a creepy scene, in which a human fetus is incubated in an egg-like chamber, over-watched by a reptilian giant eye. The eggs phallus like base has a snake slithering around it. And an icy hand is holding the egg in place. 

The timing of the scene equals the gematria of "Messiah". Given the fact that the entire video is all about the return of Jesus or rather an Anti-Christ figure, it makes sense to assume that showing the baby here could indicate the breeding of a perfect candidate, with the right birth and numbers and stars. All prepared by an evil master mind in the background. 

This reminds a lot of the Matrix movie and their simulation pods, which was directed by the Wachowski brothers, who are now sisters.

![Matrix pod.jpg](

Another fascinating correlation with 233 is the Hebrew gematria value of [Tree of Life]( - עץ החיים. This archetype myth is a fundamental part of Kabbalah magic.

![233 Tree of Life Hebrew.PNG](

More interesting gematria for this number are "gematria" itself and "floating", which is indeed what the fetus does in that scene. 

![233 Gematria.PNG]( | ![233 Floating.PNG](

Finally, I would like to highlight the date of the 25-foot tall replica statue of the Egyptian god Anubis, with a suitcase at his feet, passing in front of the statue of Liberty for the Tutankhamun exhibition in New York: it was on 23rd of March, 23/3 in 2010. In the "I Pet Goat II" video, the messiah appears on a boat of Anubis.

![Anubis in NY on 233 323 2010.png](

This event seems linked to the prophetic video, as I have shown in the previous articles.

## Background Infos

### The Golden Gate

The Golden Gate, also called the "Gate of God", comes from Egyptian mythology, specifically the "Book of Gates". It depicts the journey of Osiris, the Sun (Horus, Ra) around the zodiac throughout a normal year as well as the Great Year of the precession of the equinoxes, which takes 26,000 years. It symbolizes the exit point for the soul after death and has its opposite in the Silver Gate of Isis, which is the entry point for the soul into the flesh. 

Today, we know that the Golden Gate is at the center of the galaxy, the Milky Ways central black hole. And the Silver Gate, if it exists, would then probably be a [White Hole](

Both gates sit right in the galactic equator, 180° away from each other, close to the ecliptic, with the Golden Gate somewhere near the arrow of Sagittarius and the sting of Scorpio, at the foot of Ophiuchus, the Snake Bearer. 

Because of the precession, the Golden Gate moves into a new degree about every 72 years. These days are highly coded events, that point with symbolic numbers in time to important births, deaths and worldly events, going back at least to the US and French revolution, if not until Babylon - as "Gate of God" is the direct translation of "Babel". The last two degree jumps where on 12/11/2010 with the 267° and 3/31/1939 with the 266°. 

![APX Golden Gate 267.jpg]( | ![APX Golden Gate 266.jpg](

Given the fact that the 267° day is the EXACT MIDPOINT of 9/11 and the Coronavirus Pandemic announcement, with exactly 111 months in both directions, you may start to grasp the importance of the celestial gates for astrotheology and hence ancient mystery religions.

![APX September Eleven Attacks 911 Golden Gate 267° 111 CoronavirusPandemic 222 Months.jpg](


### I, Pet Goat II - Golden Gate and 9/11 Symbolism



The creator studio behind the film calls itself "Heliofant", with the Sun symbolism of the Greek sun god Helios, that features the sun symbol with a moon. More importantly, "Heliofant" equals "Golden Gate" in the two most common gematria ciphers.

![90 Heliofant.PNG]( | ![90 Golden Gate.PNG](
![239 Heliofant.PNG]( | ![239 Golden Gate.PNG](

Further, the full title with creator also connects to the Golden Gate in Hebrew, equaling 589, as well as "Twin Towers", the tower of Babel (Gate of God), 9/11 and Donald Trump.

![589 I Pet Goat II   Heliofant.PNG](

![APX Donald Trump Golden Gate Twin Towers 589.jpg](

One central motive of the film is the 9/11 deception. Even the title includes a hidden 9/11, with the "I" being the 9th letter of the alphabet and the "II" resembling an eleven and the Twin Towers. Both "I Pet Goat II" as well as "Tower of Babel" equal 111. 9/11 is a day leaving 111 days in the year. Just like the 267° day of the Golden Gate is the 111 months midpoint between 9/11 and the Coronavirus Pandemic.

![111 I Pet Goat II.PNG]( | ![111 Tower of Babel Hebrew.PNG](

Genesis 11:1 refers to Babel: 

> And the whole earth was of one language, and of one speech.

## Previous articles of this series: | |
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@hjchilb · (edited)
Symbolism is so powerful.
Numerology is so interesting.
I can't fully wrap my head around the numerology, but I enjoy learning about it. It seems like we are in a math universe, so a lot of this type of analysis makes sense.
Thanks for the post.
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@flauwy.apx ·
Numerology was a steep learning curve for me. I try to break much of it down as simple as I can in my articles. I see both a synchromysticism with numbers and stars for all of us, as well as a coding from the initiated elite with important events. In numbers is more truth than what is written in the books. History redefines itself when you connect our leaders, stars and great thinkers to astro events like the Golden Gate days. 
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