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Food Series # 117: Vietnamese Mountain Food by a-alice

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Food Series # 117: Vietnamese Mountain Food
If you are looking for good food in Vietnam this is the restaurant you must pay a visit to. However, I was not satisfied with the service and the staff here., Now I'm going to review a restaurant that offers mountain specialties. The restaurant is located at 8 Hoang Ngan street - Hanoi city, this restaurant is called '' độc quán'' - (Strange restauant)The restaurant's facebook has many pictures of food, looking very beautiful, delicious and attractive. I decided to come here. Because this restaurant had so many menus, I was able to eat a variety of foods in this restaurant.


We were asked to find a table and then order at the table 
When our grilled chicken honey  arrived, our expectations continued to be exceeded. The skin was crisp, the meat chicken was tender and the honey flavor blended I was pleasantly surprised by this famous chicken which was the first I’ve ever tasted with a smokey flavour yet chicken was not burnt.
The food was full of flavour and very filling, the food was always tasty and fresh.
This is a "mầm đá" vegetable, I can't find an English translation of this vegetable. This vegetable has been dipped with fish sauce and boiled eggs.

we have ordered:
- mầm đá vegetable
-  Grilled chicken honey
- River fish
- Beef and vegetable hotpot
- fried sticky rice
- Fried grasshoppers
- Fried tripe beef with pineapple



Sticky rice was simple but delicious!!! crunchy in my mouth, dipped with peanut salt.

#### Dried dishes
- Dried chicken
- Dry buffalo
- Dry mountain pig
- Dried beef
- Grilled sausage

#### Boiled-steamed dishes
- Hen
- Black chicken H'mong
- Cow's tail
- Calves with lemongrass
- Ginger duck
- Pig Leg
-   Tripe beef 

Fried food:
- Fried spring fish
- Frog roasted with salt
- Roasted hens with salt
- Black chicken roasted with salt
- Milk calves
- Chicken cartilage fried with salt
- Spinning pigeons
- Roasted duck
- Crispy salted chicken

#### insect 
- Ground bee nymphs (steamed, fried, stir-fried)
Yellow bee pupae
Stir-fried ant eggs
Roasted cricket
Roasted grasshoppers
Roasted fat worms
Roasted cicadas
Mixed insect 

#### Sticky rice and rice:
- Sticky pigeon sticky rice
- Fried sticky rice
- Sticky eggs ants
- Green bean chicken porridge
Ground beef porridge
Bird meat porridge
Chicken noodle soup
Steamed rice

#### Stewed soup:
- Black chicken stew
- Beef tail stew
- Beef stew
- Crab soup
- Meat broth
- Fish soup
- Duck soup
The restaurant has many different dishes with more than 100 choices.
All vegetables in menu have no English name because they are the vegetables that grow in the mountainous regions of Vietnam.
Here are some dishes I can translate for you:

#### Grilled
- Grilled carp
- Grilled pork chops with Indian Prickly Ash
- Grilled hens
- Grilled meat wrapped with leaves
- Grilled Lentils
- Grilled Snakehead
- Grilled tail

#### Salad
- Fish salad
Banana flower salad (beef or chicken)
Beef salad
Coconut salad
Lime juice veal salad
Bitter melon salad and dried meat

#### Stir-fried meal
- Roasted rice crab
- Frog fried with sour bamboo shoots
- Fried tail with pickles or pineapple
- Stir-fried buffalo meat (  lolot leaf, celery, water spinach)
-Stir-fried chicken heart with bamboo shoots (bean sprouts, Loofah or pickled bamboo shoots)
- Stir-fried calves(celery or gralic)
- Stir-fried pork heart with pineapple
- Frog fried with eggplant
- Stir-fried bamboo shoots with beef
- Chicken stir-fry with ginger
- Black chicken fried with ginger
- Roasted frog
- Fried tripe beef with pineapple
#### Hotpot

black chicken hotpot
hen  hotpot
beef hotpot
cow's tail hotpot
pigeons hotpot
Frog and spicy bamboo shoots hotpot
Rib cartilage hotpot
Crab hotpot
Braised duck alligator
Horse hotpot
Carp hotpot
Snakehead hotpot
Buffalo hotpot
Duck with Dracontomelon









The food was sublime and the accompanying sides enhanced the flavour ,definitely a return visit :D

#### There are a few things I didn't like about '' Độc quán''
- Service was very very slow..
- The food was delicious but the food was too expensive ( not cheap by local standards), $ 10 for a few fish, $ 4 for a plate of vegetables, ... . Vietnamese vegetables are too cheap, if I stay at the market I lose 0.5 dollars for this food. Well  after all of this and alcohol , we paid $ 120,
- We lost $ 7 on alcohol, even though we took the wine in our home, we didn't drink in the restaurant menu. 
### All these photos belong to me
### Enjoy it <3 Hope you like my recipe ^^
### By @a-alice
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