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Outdoor Product Commercial Final Day - Part 3 by aperterikk

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Outdoor Product Commercial Final Day - Part 3
Ok everyone last one from this project haha. This past Friday was the last day for filming this project and I think it was the most fun day. We filmed a commercial for this wagon and had this great couple and kids as actors. We filed in a small park down in Orange County and overall the shoot was about 5 hours. Working with kids is fun but it's also very difficult since they seem to have short-term memory and don't always pay attention or follow directions haha.


This is my buddy who brought me onto the project who was running the camera and directing. We've worked on a few projects together and not only do we get along really well but we have a great time bouncing ideas off of each other.

Him standing with such a superhero post! Well as much of a hero post as one can with a giant camera rig in their hands haha.

One change that we made is that instead of using a tablet to monitor the feed I used my external camera monitor to review the image which was much better. The signal was stronger and this monitor is much higher quality and an iPad and much easier of a screen to see in sunlight.


This was the last day of filming for this project and now it's time for post production to begin. I'll still share more on set behind the scenes with you but this is the last post from this particular shoot. If you have any questions about on-set filming or filming a commercial be sure to comment below and let me know.
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