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Challenge #03618-I330: Take Your Ease by internutter

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Challenge #03618-I330: Take Your Ease

> They invented a life-saving device that causes them to earn Time almost into the centuries. First thing they do? Buy a planet to make it into a paradise retirement place, with all the latest technologies, and offer it as a free place for all who want to settle down and relax in their old age. -- The New Guy

Whatever happened to the smart aleck who invented the Hungry Caterpillar? The expected tale of corporate takeovers, imitators, and undercutting does not happen in the Alliance. Those who build a better mousetrap are applauded for their efforts[1]. And for the Human who first thought up the system of intercepting grapplers and disassemblers that _was_ the Hungry Caterpillar?

They are doing just _fine_. Human Alik Farstryde made a fortune from the prototype, and gains residuals from the improvements on their machine. They pay their taxes without complaint, but they also run a sort of resort.

Orbiting a long-term star is a Havenworld with mild temperature, mild weather, and _amazing_ sunsets. There's activities for the active, of course, but for the others...

_Plenty_ of relaxation options.

Cogniscents in their sunset years flock to this world and others like them. A chance to relax. Have fun. Enjoy those golden days for as long as they wish.

It's not the first retirement planet in the Alliance, but it is the first with _Invisible Support_. Human Alik had studied many things, including environmental cues in ancient fun parks. Some of their fellow humans need assistance, but also lack the ability to recognise such. They can get hostile about it. So the help is invisible.

It's more than just invisible walls and crowd control. It's other little things.

Food storage units that expel the spoiled ingredients, and keep stock of that which is used or needed. Replenishing whenever it's necessary. Cooking devices that automatically shut off when the food is ready. Mnemonic chimes to remind the patient/resident to eat. Robots that emerge when the patient/resident is resting, to clean any mess or launder any fabric left scattered about.

There are Skitties there, of course. And a special gengineered breed of dog for the dog people. The Altra breed is very popular, and not just on this world.

Even _before_ the Hungry Caterpillar, only Dereggers were obliged to work until the end of their days. Yet here on the planet Ease, there were advances in care for those who needed it.

Human Alik doesn't charge anyone to stay there. It's all part of the greater good.

[1] According to most sources, the best mousetrap is a Skitty (Ships'/Stations' Kitty). Preferably a colony of Skitties.

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