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Courtyard spaces. The City-2 by evildeathcore

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Courtyard spaces. The City-2
Well, welcome back to space! I stayed on the reportage wave for a very long time, and all because I did some manipulations for this. To switch from frequency to frequency, as well as hold on to any frequency, certain conditions must be met and certain elements must be surrounded.

The very first thing is music. If you listen to languid deep music, then it will be difficult for you to keep up with the reportage rhythm.

Let me remind you that the reportage creative wave is the rhythm of life on a very mobile material frequency.

You need to be in time everywhere and be the first in everything. It's like a race.

The second condition is setting up social networks. You need to surround yourself with only certain articles that you will see every day and unsubscribe from news provoking into space.

After connecting to this frequency, you will already notice only reportage photos in the news feed and you will be surrounded only by those circumstances that are directly related to the reportage.

These are all sorts of events in the city and even in the country.

While staying at the frequency of reporting, I even managed to attend one of the main events of June - the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

And if you go completely to the extreme, then the circumstances will create such a matrix around you, which will lead you only in the way that you yourself have created.

But extreme is bad! It is sometimes necessary to go into space, where there is no race, where there are only thoughts about the world order and metaphysical pictures that are created only by sensations.

This is why I have been on the reportage wave for so long.

In such a rhythm it is not necessary to be for a long time - you can burn out.

But this is an invaluable benefit to consciousness. If, after a frantic rhythm, you go to working average revolutions, it will still be more powerful than it was before the transition to the material wave.

In the material world, a lot is learned and the process of solving problems becomes easier. If you've done a good job, you can afford to have a little party.

But do you know how to work well to deserve at least a little holiday? I just found out recently. But you can never stop at what has been achieved, otherwise there will be no movement forward and you can pay for it.

By the way, at the material frequency, the body gets more energy and you can have time to do a lot of things in a day. I was in space all autumn - the sensations are incredible! But there is no money on that frequency.

If all this is translated into photography, then neither graphics, nor courtyard spaces, nor even a street will give that arrival of material energy as a reportage wave.

I can already teach life through photography, and teach photography through life. Everything is interconnected! But I am still studying everything myself and am not ready to teach others.

The ideal spiritual world (space) is when your material side is at a good level, when there are no blocks in the form of loans, unpaid communal apartments and any other everyday problems.

For the time being, I plan to stay still at the material frequency, because I felt how the material component moved off dead center and began to change for the better.

I will go into space rarely and shallowly until the strong blocks disappear.

Well, balance is the main component of everything in the world!

You need to be there and there at the highest level.

A few more words about the dilapidated housing that I once captured.

Apparently I have completely climbed far away from the frequency that I do not know anymore if I can ever come to it again.

Plus, I apparently did a very good job on social networks, that it never even occurs to me to shoot something dilapidated, except for abandoned villages. But this is a completely different dimension...
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