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Easy to leave, hard to keep! by mrhaldar

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Easy to leave, hard to keep!
Relationships are a strange thing, no matter what types of relationships we are talking about. We have to work on this continuously to make it smooth. I have heard it somewhere that it's like a cactus, you have to continuously cut off the thorn to make it smooth. If you fail to do so the thorn will grow back and start to pock you. Maybe it's true. 


*When we reach a certain age in our life, like when we become truly mature we start to build boundaries around us. And we don't allow anyone, not our partner or friends to cross the boundary. You will notice how difficult it feels sometimes to go over and solve some issues. Our egos, lake of care, ignorance can make this happen. But most importantly we don't feel that way, that it's making a negative impact on our life.*
> Remember, it's always easy to leave someone. You may think you wi build a new relationship, some new friends. But there's a high chance that you will never feel the same vibe, same good feeling. I'm not saying we should keep an abusive relationship. But if you feel like there is still scope to make it better then work on it. Don't always choose to leave it because, in the end, you will feel pain, frustration, or whatever it is. 
**Working on relationship is not tough if we don't make it tough by our ego, emotions, and ignorance. Anyone can easily figure out what's not working, what is needed to fix it. But the thing is we often choose to just leave it there, just make it go as it's going. We have to understand that this process will not bring any solution or make it better.**
So if you really want to keep it, work on it. If you feel like there's no other way then open the door for yourself!

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