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Reflections - Facing Pain Intelligently by montycashmusic

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Reflections - Facing Pain Intelligently

**We have two extremes of a spectrum...**

the new age believer that believes they are working as the hand of the universe and allows the directions of the universe (at least what they think is the universe) to guide them at every whim - even to the point of destitution - then justifying why it was the universe's will to lead them there and what lesson they are learning - being tossed to a fro like a wave on the sea.

Then we have the assertive overly dominant spiritual sovereign who decides what the universe is - sometimes things working for them and sometimes against them - but effectively making the world into a battleground and life into a constant fight that must be conquered with limited success. 

Let us define the universe for this context in a very real way so people can relate directly and not to some spiritual subset:

The universe is everything outside of the thought of the 'I' - the 'me'. The 'I' can relate to the 'universe' and create systems in the belief that the universe is communicating with it - the 'I' can also create systems which turn the universe against itself - or as something to be controlled, owned or ordered. 

The 'I' can also attempt to dissolve completely and become one with the universe but that is death. 

*So at some point in order to have this experience - the 'I' must remain, no matter how selfless. For even to be selfless you must have a reference point for what is self. The universe is not trying to define itself - it is a state of being that needs no definition and has no boundaries. Even the defining and use of the word 'universe' already presupposes that the universe is separate from 'I'. Language is separation and the 'I' is defined through separation. Language didn't pop up out of nowhere - language is an interpretation of feeling and in this thinking. To feel something is to be separate, to think something is to be separate - you cannot claim you are a continuous flow with and as the universe while you are feeling and thinking - we're in a body - get used to it.*


So when it comes to believing the universe is directing you in your life via your intuition. First we must define what is intuition and we must purify exactly what direction we have placed our 'intuitive compass'. Intuition in this regard is to see what is coming before it has come - to have an overarching sense of what something is without first having experienced directly. 

With the study of the mind and time in relation to physics become prominent in various scientific circles - it is not now outrageous to consider the mind is capable of such information access or timeline access. 

However there are many obstacles we must face before we reach a true intuitive state - one which we can trust. 

We must always account the following:
- How is the environment affecting my ability to 'see' - literal physical, air, water, food, temperature - how it affects this body and this nervous system
- How is my current social community and my standing within that community and or society affecting my mind and my ability to 'see'. Who do I think I am as an identity within my current groups and what entitlements does that make me think or feel I have over this reality?
- How is the current balance of hormones and neurochemistry in this body affecting me to 'see' - where are these at - and do I need to sit back and take a breather in order to have 'true sight' instead of reacting to a 'feeling' which I am interpreting as intuition - making a spiritual experience out of a hormonal cycle.. etc Have I had enough sleep? Am I trying to rewrite the bible because I have had a coffee and that makes me feel like superman? etc
- How is past trauma (of any severity) affecting my ability to 'see' and how has this imprinted on my need to 'see' and what handicap must I be aware of for this particular body and mind and its makeup before I can decide that what I am 'seeing' is actually 'sight' and not just a reaction or a mix of what I am reacting to and 'sight' (a 'mixed signal' can provide worse results that not seeing correctly at all - seems to regenerate trauma - more lessons for the 'passive universe' addicted - an unfortunate cycle of continuous lessons, then self recreation of those traumas through a 'mixed signal', then more lessons and so on...)
- Lastly - and only as a final resort of consideration - not the first as many 'spiritual people' like to place it - where is the moon at, and the sun and the planets and the vibration they might be emitting into the collective field in relation to my position within this field at this time. 

It is also important to note that within the guiding of intuition that there is always a probability of being wrong. Stay humble. Don't go into the place of being Jesus (it's a mindfuck). Within this another possibility is there is also a probability you are indeed right - but only in that moment - that your intuition may only be giving you a snapshot of this present moment now (or even a true previous imprinted moment) but that is just this or that moment and the moment you are moving into now can be directed from here - by facing the pain of resistance intelligently - in other words intuition is not what will always be or always has been. It must be regarded as information only and that it must first be filtered by purifying it in the above criterium.

Now that we have defined true sight and how to get there (this can take a lifetime of purification) - let us define what is rational from a universe perspective as to reading and being directed by it etc...

**We have three states:**

'I' and the universe.

'I' is the universe - in a passive sense - 'I' goes with the flow of the universe

'I' is the universe - in an active sense - 'I' directs the universe as it.

*(These must be balanced to find equilibrium in this life. If you no longer wish to be in a state of separation and meditate on a hill until you don't feel or think anything - then do that - but the purposes of this article to to define our relation to the universe and how to utilize that in a practical sense so as to find a balance between active creation and passive receiving or direction.)*

When you feel the flow is pushing you here or there as you use your 'intuitive sense' - do not just accept that - sometimes there are times we need to question intuition - and if it has been established our intuitive compass has been directed in the wrong place for a long time - we need to take the time to recondition and realign that compass. We can be in a moment where direction of the universe as the universe is possible but we are stuck in a system of 'going with the flow' - then wonder why we end up like water washed down in the gutter of life ("Have another lesson on me!" - Jesus).  


There are moments where if the universe feels bland and that it isn't guiding you anywhere - this is a time when you need to be the flow - you have to create the direction from within - you create the current within yourself and you become the guiding force. Then within this, as with any force, it is important not to believe that this super person is now a permanent state - you may be super person for a moment but then that may disappear from your abilities and you may be left wondering what is life's purpose again.  Now take over... and if you don't have the capacity to 'take-over' build it from scratch. Put in the yards.

There must be a balance to find a place where there are more wins than losses in this riding of the ebbs and flows of the energetic ether - 'I' is the universe and 'I' directs it - then 'I' flows with the opportunities that the universe provides - then I takes time to observe, reflect and finds new plateaus of content -- then 'I' directs the universe as the universe - then 'I' flows with the universe as the universe - then 'I' enters into a state of self reflection - and so on and so forth.

This is not something that specifically needs to be done one after the other - and can be split second moments of conscious direction - to get to an appropriate level of skill with this 'switchboard' requires great care and observation and work. It can be known with experience what particular angle is required in each moment through being sensitive to the moment, through specificity - utilize these three tools in different measures to different situations to receive the best results.

Expecting the universe to just hand you these gifts makes you fall into the category of the passive universe intuitive director. 

This entitlement only gets one so far - when someone actually wants to embody the idea of the greater thing they think they are - there is this big ball of work sitting in front of them. At some stage they have to engage in the active side of the spectrum and in this then experiment to find a balance between the two.

This self work requires a tolerance and resilience to pain. The ability to face pain intelligently is in many ways the definition of awareness.

**Guiding life by simply avoiding pain is to be passive universe directed.**

There comes a point when one realises that not all pain is bad - infact it is necessary!

This does not mean you then go off the deep end and decide that you must spend your life inflicting yourself with pain - that becomes a cycle - directing yourself passively with an attraction to all that is painful which simply premeditates a time in your life in which you will become overtly active, then fight and fight and again decide that you are meant to go with the flow and be overtly passive only to revisit and active/passive system once again later - a polarity cycle ensues! 

To become 'active' by default as a system of governance over the self actually translates to being passive universe directed - you are still trying to avoid pain by setting up a system - this time a system of perceived 'activeness'! This can pre-create a time in your life in the future in which you create a system of overt passivity and make a dogma out of it.

For true consciousness to occur we must stop making these systems in order to avoid having to be in pain - we must be responsible, awake and/or aware willingly - we must embrace a true definition of what it is to be conscious and live it. 

Break the cycle - build intelligent tolerance to pain within - don't be afraid to put work into it - train the body and the mind. I am not talking about physical pain in the environment (though that might at times become part of it) - I am talking about your ability to face that which you do not want to face within. Things you think you really ought to do but have decided to direct yourself against because 'the flow' of your systems told you that this 'is not the way' - reading into your need to avoid pain as
 an intuitive direction (what a mind fuck!)

**How can you ever hope to 'see' clearly if you can't see around the obstacle of avoidance of pain presented constantly by the animal mind?**


Acceptance that suffering is inevitable allows you to focus on real self work where you balance yourself as both the passive and active - To work your way into a place of less pain in the long run - with 'no pain' deep on the horizon.

Good luck out there! We're all in this alone (or all one, depending which way you look at it)... it is work that can only be done alone - no one identity can face this pain for another - the work must be done individually for it to be effective.

Then we can come together and start the real work.  

Sending love, 


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@marajah ·
To me, I strongly believe that pains and suffering will end one day. Also, it's a journey one must face alone. All we should do is to render help and encouragement to one another. Thanks for this.
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