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Fear of losing, petty behaviour, defensive thoughts.Scarcity is a state in which one vibrates in fear and lack.Vibrantly, we attract more of it.This pain on a scale of 0 to 10, I feel that I'm oscillating between 6 and 8.I've been talking to my husband about it so far. I see that he is an inspiration to me in the requirement to be well connected with abundance.


I asked him what his key is not to be vibrating at fault, and he said "FREE".
The more you thank and trust the flow the less at fault you vibrate.It made a lot of sense to me here. I always had a lot of faith and determination to achieve my goals, but in 2015 when I took a trip through life and my financials went completely out of control 


I spent a few moments vibrating in the absence and feeling fearful of something missing.I see it as a belief even if I need to work on myself. I started by doing some meditations of Hélio Couto to help me raise this vibration and after this conversation with Tiago I decided to make some compromises with myself.First commitment to thank you at all times for all your experiences.According to trusting in the flow of the universe believing that everything I need is already at my disposal, I think that this action takes me out of the loop.Third, thank you for what I already have and what I do not yet have.


Finally my trigger at this time for scarcity will be to vibrate in the feeling of gratitude 🙏. Abundance for me today is to leave the having and go to the BEING. The more I am in being, the having reveals itself only as a consequence of the BEING.


We feel anger towards everyone, including ourselves. Here in this experience as humans we will often go through this pain. Our human condition even allows us to feel all these emotions of negative value, without them we run the risk of living a stagnant life, without movement.

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