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A Quick Food Review Of Burger Sliders From A Japanese Restaurant by quatro

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A Quick Food Review Of Burger Sliders From A Japanese Restaurant
I am in the mood for another quick food review but I can't remember the name of the Japanese restaurant these came from. I will still give a brief reaction nonetheless 😆

My daughter bought these from Quezon City I assume because that is her place of work. It is 4 in the morning here and would not wake her up just to interview her LOL. I reheated them in the oven because of the long travel time they took which is more than an hour. What caught my attention and immediately grabbed to munch was this little bun that looks like a burger slider. I was in for the presentation with the little wrap and bamboo stick. I was not disappointed when I sink my teeth in oh boy the patties are juicy, tasty and thick. The small size is just enough to satisfy my hunger. I love these. Next I ate the one with a sour dough like bread. Tastes like pizza because of the tomato base sauce that it came with. I love the taste of the sauce it seems like fresh not out of the can so good job on that but the slider is still my winner at this point. I did not try the one with crab meat and the one with the beef as I was already full. In general I love the quality of the buns and the taste of the meat of the burger slider. Oh they also came in a nice paper bag that speaks quality to me too. 
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