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Why should such force be applied before you put on a nose mask? by ferrate

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Why should such force be applied before you put on a nose mask?
It’s Sunday again and another bright morning over here as I watch through the giant glasses over here. People are not so much in town and I could just here the sounds of car horns, motor bikes, tricycles and see few bicycle riders around. I really over slept my time in today and I saw myself smiling as I just switched of the alarm set to wake me up when the time was up. 


As it started doing it stuff to wake me I just hit the stop button and said I still needed a little sleep. Little did I know that the little sleep of me telling myself to only do 5 additional minutes will turn out to be 1 hour 15 minutes. I couldn’t believe my eyes as the shock of the time just threw me off from bed to the washroom. I was really late to do the very thing am supposed to. I just did all the stuffs like pasting, bathing and all other things to get me hit the road to get the other stuffs done.

In no time I was by the side of the road to get a cab to town and I had one but as we were on the road one guy asked the driver if the security personnels were still in town. I just laughed to myself still I knew the reason for him asking such question and I also knew he had some fear in him, because he could suffer from where ever he was going.


I know by this time you are guessing what the reason could really be for me to say he could suffer a lot from where ever he was going. Well I won’t keep you on the loss so much so I will go ahead and tell you the reason behind.

Ever since we had the freedom of movement around after we went on some weeks of lockdown, wearing of nose/face masks was declared as a compulsory thing to do as an individual in the country, but the deaf eyes of some people had to give the security personnels the chance to enforce it to anyone who refused to move around without one.

And I know most people understand the military guys as do before you complain, means even if you had the sweetest case in an offence you have to do as you are being told by any military personnel before you find a chance to tell your story. Failure to do that may cause some force even before you get the chance to tell your side of the story. So personally I didn’t see some but people complained they were being caned around because they didn’t have their nose/face masks on.

So this guy I was talking about was in the state of suffering some force if he should meet them anywhere he was going. Well am not saying if canning people as said by people is correct but I just don’t get why we are stubborn as humans to be beaten before we do the right thing. Protecting your very self from a virus which no one knows how to cure it now too you can’t just obey the rule. 

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