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[Eng/Esp] cousin's operation//operacion de mi primo. by veronicabracho

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[Eng/Esp] cousin's operation//operacion de mi primo.
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Greetings friends of this prestigious group of gems, thank God for the days he gives us, today I will talk about my cousin's operation.

Saludos amigos de este prestigioso grupo de gems, a dios gracias por los dias que nos regala,hoy les voy hablar de la operacion de mi primo.


Thanks friends and family of this beautiful group, today I want to share with you how was the operation of my cousin, a week ago he had a motorcycle accident, he was coming from a sharing among friends and returning home another person who also came on a motorcycle hit him, where thank God the accident was not more serious only where he was fractured the ring finger of his left hand, yesterday the surgeon performed the operation placing a nail that goes through the broken bone but thank God everything went well, he only says that he has pain but mild, he was prescribed treatment for pain, anti-inflammatory and antibiotic, also rest for 1 month until the bone makes its callosity and then go back to the doctor to make his removal of the nail.

Gracias amigos y familiares de este hermoso grupo,hoy quiero compartir con ustedes como quedo la operacion de mi primo, hace una semana tuvo  un accidente de motos, el venia de un compartir entre amigos y de regreso  a su casa otra persona que venia tambien en una moto lo choco, en donde gracias a dios no fue mas grave el accidente solo donde a el se le fracturo el dedo anular de la mano izquierda, ayer ya el medico cirujano le realizo la operacion colocandole un clavo que atraviesa el hueso partido pero gracias a dios todo salio bien solo el dice que presenta dolor pero leve,le indicaron tratamiento para dolor,antiflamatorio y antibiotico, tambien reposo por 1 mes hasta que el hueso haga su callosidad para luego volver ir al medico a que haga su retiro del clavo.

I hope that it will be of your interest and pleasure to continue sharing a little more with you, God bless you greatly.

Espero que sea de su interes y agrado para seguir compartiendo un poco mas con ustedes,dios los bendiga grandemente.
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