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Mother and Daughter by jhellenmjgr

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Mother and Daughter

This beautiful girl is called Rosie, I love her very much because she was one of the first to trust me and my first studio photos with strobe lighting made by myself... This was a trap from my photography teacher, who "threw" me to the void" (Venezuelan expression), which comes from the Venezuelan custom of saying "don't you know how to swim?, and wham! they throw you! and you drown or learn. She noticed my nervousness and was very patient. I asked him his age "18" and I thought wow! because I had been following her on social networks for more than a year! She came to the studio with her mom, which I thought was weird until she told me her age. Her mom explained to me that she was modeling and catwalking since she was 4 years old. At one point during the pleasant conversation and I was more relaxed because the photos were beginning to take shape, she told me that she loved house and techno music and that her favorite DJ is from Panama. I asked her "by any chance is her name Dj Mary?", she shouted with emotion affirming and I, who already have years of friendship with the Panamanian, made a video call and introduced her to her. A really great day. The icing on the cake was seeing her mother so cute and kind and I invited her to take some photos of her together. Recently Rosie, who emigrated to Chile, wrote to me on Instagram and gratefully said "you know, thanks for those photos, they are the only ones I have with my mom." 💕 Here I share the first part of the result of those photos:


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