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A Journeys End, Time Well Spent by technicalside

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A Journeys End, Time Well Spent
# <center>Hello There Fellow Travelers And Hivers!</center>

## <center>A Journeys End</center>

<center>_Over the last few weeks I shared some photos of our journeys in Mossel Bay and Dana Bay._

_Needless to say all things must come to an end, the good the bad and everything in between. However sad it may be, at the end of the day you get the chance to plan some new and thrilling adventures! See it as one door closes and another opens._

_Take comfort in the fact that you still have all those memories, and for us Hivers. Well us Hivers can paste them down on this wonderfull blockchain and review and relive them at a moments notice._

_"No digging up old photos in boxes you've long forgotten about. Simply take a stroll (scroll) through memory lane."_</center>

_Well this would be my "greeting" post of the adventure we had, embracing home with open arms (that's a lie ofcourse) really it feels like I am leaving behind all that I care for. Although I do have my pups waiting for me at home so it's not all bad eyyy._

## <center>Need A Quick Tour Of My Previous Posts?</center>

#### Check them out

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##### [The Mussels In The Bay Marks The End Of The Adventure Filled Journey.](


## <center>The Last Walk We Took At Mossel Bay And Dana Bay</center>

_Myself the Betty and her parents decided we are going to leave this place with a banger! We went down to Mossel Bay Point one last time! Not before we had a quick breakfast at the little cabin, toasties with eggs topped over with bacon and cheese, ain't nothing better if you ask me and washed it down with some juice. Gotta be prepared for the journey ahead!_

_Once we got to the point we decided to park the car at the farthest point and do a thorough walk through of the whole point. Me and the Betty took one route and her parents took another, naturally we both had the same starting point as well as the same end destination it's only the routes that differed._

_Me and the Betty went exploring through the rocks close to the coastline and overall we stuck to the seaside watching the holiday goers going about their business. While everyone enjoyed their daily doings me and the Bets went hard in the search for small pebbles in the water that got trapped in the crevasses of the rocks. Needless to say they made for quite beautiful photos_

_(P.S I didn't think of getting a photo of the pebbles, I am currently not at home writing this story. But Perhaps I'll be able to catch a photo of the pebbles and squeeze it in here! I'll no doubt keep this tab in here though, so hold your thumbs for a photo of the pebbles)_




#### _(I feel someone staring at us, perhaps more than one. Laughs only noticing the people staring at us in the reflection now. We must have looked like genuine weirdos. You see that @misshugo people think we are weird.)_



## <center>Crashing Of The Waves Over The Rocks </center>

_Take note that I did screenshot these from a video I took on my mobile phone so the quality really isn't the best around, although it does still look pretty amazing. Believe me it felt immensely powerfull in person, especially hearing the waves break over the large rocks._

_This is probably the thing I love most of being at the seaside, being able to experience nature in it's rawest form. Most brutal and most peaceful at the same time._




## <center>Enjoying Lunch And Getting Refreshments</center>

_Once we got exhausted from walking and spending half the day in the glorious heat (No regrets though) we met up with the Betty's parents again and had a delicious lunch while watching over the open ocean. Definitely fun vibes, time well spent and time I will definitely spend again in the same manner._

_I just couldn't make my mind up between a ice cold beer or an ice cold ice cream, then I thought welp I can always get a beer back home so I went with the milkshakes now that wont be so great when made at home, would it?_😅



### <center>A short recording I took when we just started with the coastline walk.</center>

##### Sadly I didn't get a video at the end of the walk, as I said many a times in my previous posts I never intended to share these on Hive. Well the thought was never there so naturally some stuff are left out and enjoyed to the fullest in the moment. 🤓

## <center>The Day Has Not Yet Ended</center>

### <center>This means we can rake up some more adventures</center>

##### <center>All the wildlife we happen to see made the last hours of the day worth it</center>


<center>_After the lunch we had at the point watching over the open ocean we then returned home. Somewhat tired ofcourse we were up early and the sun gave us a good beating. But this was our last day so we absolutely had to make the most of it. As they say regret often times comes too late (or something of the sorts)_</center>

<center>_Well there's another saying that goes about regarding Mossel Bay Point and that is "In this place you experience four seasons in one day! And that is about just right!_</center>

<center>_I convinced the Betty that we should go down to the beach one last time, just one last time. I had to do some real good convincing though as she was also in the mood for a afternoon nap._</center>


### <center>_The joys started as we left the house, we saw a tortoise (or is it a turtle?) I don't know anymore. But here are some photo's I took._</center>


#### <center>_He's running away! Laughs if only he knew I'm a friend._</center>


<center>_As we slowly strolled down to the beach front we were met with amazing wildlife, both in the residential area and on the beach itself. The two bucks we found halfway down on the way to the beach, they both froze up for a second and then went about their business. Like they've seen humans a thousand times before (they have actually)_</center>



## <center>Another Short Recording I Took Of The Two Wandering Bucks </center>

## <center>The Sand Crawling Lizzard</center>

<center>_As always me and the Betty is always in search of cacti's that we can take home and grow into the plentifulls. While doing this we saw this lizard keeping an eye on us. Now I'm not sure if he was afraid of us eating him or if he wanted to stick us with his tongue. 😂 If so we must have looked like a real treaty insect._</center>

<center>_After taking a few photos of him (he posed real nicely if I have to say so myself) we retreated and left him to hunt for dinner._</center>



#### <center>Hunting Sea Snails Or Something.</center>

<center>_The purpose of this photo was the two birds having a go at the water, not really sure what their plan was (I assume hunting the little sea snails washed open by the water) With that being said I never saw them pecking at the ground, perhaps the water was just too fast for them._</center>

<center>_Still it was an interesting sight to see, almost like they were playing._</center>


## <center>Just A Rando</center>



## <center>Watching The Final Sunset</center>

#### <center> On The Beaches Of Dana Bay</center>

<center> _We spent some time walking up and down the beaches enjoying a lot of the critters and sea life in action. Soon after we retired to a spot where we talked about how everything great has to come to an end, we both got a little sad but that's okay. Atleast we were able to stare down at a beautiful sunset and a last day well spent!._ </center>

<center>_I will no doubt have some more adventures of Mossel Bay and Dana Bay in the pipeline for you folks next year sometime!_</center>

<center> _For now everyone must have a great ending to this year! Enjoy they holidays as well as the festive seasons! Be seeing you around!_</center>



### <center>Wait Wait Wait</center>

##### <center>Here's another rando of a handfull of sand! Now lets go home!</center>



#### <center>The journey home led us through a large swarm of grasshoppers, it's hard to see in the picture but here it is anyways.</center>

##### <center>Okay this is really the ending now</center>

##### <center> Until we meet again seaside life</center>


<center>**_To everyone who made it this far into my post Thank you for the read and the support._**</center>

<center>**_If you found this entertaining or educational please consider a re-blog and up-vote._**</center>

<center>**_Most of all please leave a input in the comments below, whether is good or bad critic I would like to know, whether its your opinion or your way of doing things in a different manner I would like._**</center>

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<sub>***Connecting the people of #HIVE across South Africa. #hive***</sub>


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