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My Life before kids by glorydee

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My Life before kids
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Hello everyone, moms and dads in this lovely community, hope you are all doing great today? I welcome you all to my blog.

Parenthood is a journey that brings so much Joy and feeling of anxiousness about how your life will be now, as you become a sole caretaker of a little human, sometimes we just find ourselves become parents without proper planning, other times we take our time to plan so well, still there are always things we will come across that our planning didn't prepare us for in this journey of motherhood /fatherhood.

Join me as I will be answering some questions asked in the motherhood community in this week contest about our lives before having kids, to be a part, you can click [here]( to get more info.

>Tell us all about your life before kids

![](<sub>me before motherhood</sub>

+ Permit me to say the good old less stressful days haha😃, I didn't have to work so much because I didn't have much responsibilities like I do now,  no much house chores either, I could just decide to eat out or fill myself with junk instead of cooking, now eating healthy meal is a must because of the kids,  So I have to take my time to do the cooking, properly too

+ I was carefree, I didn't have to think twice or put anyone into consideration before making a decision like career wise for example, now any decision l make, my kids comes first.

+ I also had a lot of free time to hang out with friends.   Going outdoors and keeping night out wasn't a big deal, now I spend most of my time indoors as I don't want to go through the stress of having to carry much luggage (baby clothes,  diapers and the other necessities needed), always watching out for the kids and no, I don't spend the night out anymore.

+ There was enough quality time to spend with hubby, no children to think of then, it's not so anymore, we both feel exhausted most times at the end of the day😫.

>**what do you miss the most,** 

I miss my me time, there seems to be no time anymore for oneself,  waking up in the morning, there are duties already lined up for you, during the day and even at night,  all the attention now goes towards taking care of the children and that is the right thing to do as they are still so small and can't be left out of sight. The mother's love is just so strong and you feel strengthened daily, even when you feel exhausted most times.

>**what was the biggest thing you saw changed in you**

The biggest thing that I feel changed in me is that, 

+ I became stronger, emotionally,  physically and more, there are decisions I took now that I never taught I could, even at trying times what would have broken me in the past made me stronger,


+  I became more conscious of my faith and prayer life which I never really took important before, because truth be told, parenthood is tasking and there are things that tends to overwhelm me at times but when I pray, It makes me feel better and overcome any challenge.

>**what is the one thing you maybe regret or wish could have done before being a parent or what do you wish you would have known!**

I wish I had more investments before diving into parenthood, but never the less, it's stil not late as some are already in progress while undertaking this wonderful and exciting parenthood journey.

![](<sub>me and my daughters</sub>

I have always known that parenthood will take a lot, I took my time before having kids and I have no regrets being a mom, I appreciate every passing day and thank the heavens for making me experience this journey of motherhood.

*All images used in this post are mine except stated otherwise*

Thank you for visiting my blog❤❤
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