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Everyone Should Join The Hive Group on Publish0x. by a1-shroom-spores

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Everyone Should Join The Hive Group on Publish0x.
###### Publish0x is a ETH based blogging site similar to Hive: Except the rewards are linear and there are no downvotes. There are heavy curation rewards. Publish0x has a nice, but small Hive community of bloggers. We even have our own Info page!
# Signing up for Publish0x is very easy. All you need is an email. 
###### Getting whitelisted only takes a day or two. {Assuming you have a passable blog on Hive}. Once you are whitelisted you can blog on Publish0x. If the payouts seem a bit low to you; remember that you make a lot of your $$$ from curation reward. In other words, when you vote for someone, you make money!
# There are some really excellent Hive blogs on Publish0x!
##### The payouts could be a bit higher though. On popular tags like "news" or "ETH" the payouts can be $5/6 or higher. If we got more Hive bloggers with quality content, we could get higher payouts! Especially since the votes are linear {not DPOS}.
#### Here you can see a $20 post and an $8 post under the "News" tags.
###### We could easily build up the "Hive" posts to a higher number if more people joined our Hive group and turned it into a voting pool. The most popular Hive post {on Publish0x} is worth $9.29. However, the average Hive post seems to be around 30 cents.
#### If we got more Hive users to join Publish0x { } we could get a much higher average payout for Publish0x blogs using the "Hive" tag. Imagine if every quality blog averaged around $9! We could earn a good amount of ETH everyday blogging! Not to mention this is basically free advertising for Hive. If Hive is a popular tag and we earn good $$$ on payouts, people will onboard to Hive!

#### Even if you don't want to blog on Publish0x: You can sign up very easily anyways and just tip people everyday for some extra $$$. It's a very nice ETH faucet! If Hive is your first crypto, you will for sure want to head over to and sign up for a free account. If you want to make the most amount of money: Click on your name and register as an author.

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