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So much security on Alibaba WOW (I received a "ransomware" - aw my-my, what I am going to do now... lol) by aschatria

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So much security on Alibaba WOW (I received a "ransomware" - aw my-my, what I am going to do now... lol)
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## Spam must come from somewhere, so who are those heroes hosting all that garbage. Well, let's start with the most obvious lol...

My spam folder is so full of garbage that I rarely even visit, other than press delete button. I do skim it just in case, I could miss a legit website because of the harsh filters. 

But, usually these filters are very useful, mostly because of the random uninvited "subscriptions", advertisements or any other nuisance that will just waste your time. 

I legit received a ransomware a few times and whenever I read such a nonsense I can't stop laughing for hours. The ingenious things they come up with are a legit material for my next best novel. 

Make no mistake, these people ( really, a people? well, I have no other term to describe them, maybe the parasites...), they make a living by blackmailing and defrauding whoever they can. 

But, for the sake of this article, the ransomware was inside of a spam email, which by the way contains nothing that can successfully damage anyone.
In short, this person claims that I visited a porn site, that he recorded my actions through the camera and that he will send that video recording to all my Facebook friend...

My-my, what I am going to do now...

First, I enjoy certain things, but those are NOt on the porn sites, nor I need them. 

Second, my cams are duck-taped, you fucking idiot. Yes, I am that level obsessed, and if that thing makes a sound that I didn't pre-programmed into it I will fuck it up with a chainsaw and then melt in acid... FACT!

Third, and the last, what kind of a brainless twat asks a ransom being paid in bitcoin? If you want to rob someone then you ask a ransom in privacy coin, so that they can't fucking track your ass down and beat a crap out of you, lol. 

Also, a dude explains to me how to buy bitcoin, because obviously he has no freaking clue what I do online, even when he "investigated" about me in detail. 

Is there a fourth? Yes. All my Facebook contacts are my double accounts which I made so I can play the Farmville, so be free to send an unexisting video to all my unexsiting friends, and I will definitely send you some non-existing bitcoin. 


## The domain name from which an email came is registered on Alibaba. 

Registrar is : Alibaba Cloud Computing (Beijing) Co., Ltd, so I guess they can influence this. Because they brag about security. On Twitter. So, I don't know how serious they are. 
Domain is:

and to report this to Alibaba, whoever wants to inform them can't do it anonymously, but has to submit a shit load of personal inflrmation, including a personal ID. 

A personal is sending ransomware from one of their registrare domains, I am not going to submit my personal data just so they can check up what's going on with their servers...


## This is a full content of the said email, for your entertainment. 

> Not one person has paid me to check about you.

I am sure those people should love their money back. Because, you definitely didn't do your homework...

> You do not know me and you're probably thinking why you are getting this email?

Aw, don't worry about that and second...erm, because you are an idiot. 

> in fact, i actually placed a malware on the adult vids (adult porn) website and you know what, you visited this site to experience fun (you know what i mean).

Did not and I don't know.

> When you were viewing videos, your browser started out operating as a RDP having a key logger which provided me with accessibility to your display and web cam.

How about no, and... my cam is duck-taped. 

> immediately after that, my malware obtained every one of your contacts from your Messenger, FB, as well as email account.

Meaning nobody...

> after that i created a double-screen video. 1st part shows the video you were viewing (you have a nice taste omg), and 2nd part displays the recording of your cam, and its you.

double screen video of nobody looking nothing, wonderful. If you think that I have a nice taste in nothing, yeah... I don't know how to evaluate that thought.

> Best solution would be to pay me $2517.
We are going to refer to it as a donation. in this situation, i most certainly will without delay remove your video.

And I am going to refer to it as a delusion, and that is not nearly enough cash to properly medicate you. Don't bother removing a nonexistent video, I am cool. You can keep it. 

> Bitcoin address: 1EhocoSoojMWRrtv1khhDLrLo9oBQe4aBf
[case SeNSiTiVe, copy & paste it]

Yes, I found it,  your name is : "No transactions to display."

> You could go on your life like this never happened and you will not ever hear back again from me.

I can't. It's not every day that I get a compliment how I have a good taste in nothing. I might even visit you so you can elaborate.

> You'll make the payment via Bitcoin (if you do not know this, search 'how to buy bitcoin' in Google).

Are you fucking kidding me...

> if you are planning on going to the law, surely, this e-mail can not be traced back to me, because it's hacked too. I have taken care of my actions. i am not looking to ask you for a lot, i simply want to be paid.

You better take care of your meds...

> if i do not receive the bitcoin; in 24hrs, i definitely will send out your video recording to all of your contacts including friends and family, co-workers, and so on.

be my guest...

> Nevertheless, if i do get paid, i will destroy the recording immediately.

Don't bother, keep it for lasting memory lolol

> If you need proof, reply with Yeah then i will send out your video recording to your 13 contacts.

Aw that's nice, I will.

> it's a nonnegotiable offer and thus please don't waste mine time & yours by replying to this message.

Dude make up your mind...

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