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My Introduction to Leo Finance: Get to know me. by jessicaossom

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My Introduction to Leo Finance: Get to know me.
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I am not new to the Leo [Finance]( community, however, because I may not have created up to 30 posts in the community, I thought to create a formal introduction post in the community.

Hi guys, My name is Jessica Ossom, I have been on the [Hive]( [blockchain]( for 2 years now. However, I wasn't active with my account when I first created it in May 2021.

Ever since I joined the blockchain, I have had the opportunity to connect with many people, especially the ones I have a common interest in.

I am very active in the Afritunes community, as you can tell from my profile, I am a music enthusiast. Aside from Afritunes, I am also active in the Hive open mic community, and sometimes in the weekend experience community, hive learners community, and the Leo finance community. 

I also visit other communities, when I have something interesting to share with them.

I know that the post in the Leo finance community is strictly finance, so when I post here, I try to keep all I have to say within that topic.

I am not an expert when it comes to [money]( All I know is that I try to have good saving habits, I save as much as I can in my [savings account]( pay my bills, and survive. 

As I speak, money and I are not close friends yet. But hopefully, we will soon. 

Yeah, If we were close friends it would always be available when I need it right?

As I said earlier, I am not an expert when it comes to spending money. However, when I spend, it is always on things I consider a priority.

I'm just a regular girl who wakes up each morning and tries to make ends meet. I understand that if I don't work, I won't be able to afford my bills.

### When I first learned of cryptocurrency

I got to know about crypto when I joined a blogging platform called Uptrennd in the year 2020. That was the first time I was introduced to a crypto blogging platform where I can write and earn.

It wasn't easy at first because I was finding it difficult to write and I knew it wasn't right to spam the site.

So, what I did was to learn to improve my writing skills and engagement on the site.

Eventually, the site was closed down due to some reason, a lot of users who had invested in the token lost a lot of money.

The name of the token is 1UP.

I am just glad that I was able to earn a good amount from the site before it closed down.

I purchased my previous mobile phone with the 1UP I earned from the blogging site Uptrennd in 2021. However, I just change my phone with my savings because it is due for it. A lot of things had started malfunctioning.

### Have I lost money in crypto?

As much as I have earned from crypto, I have lost money as well, a lot of it.

There was a time I was invited to join a group of people who were into futures trading on Binance.

We were told to pay a sum of money first for signals before we could receive them to do the futures trading.

I couldn't afford the amount at that time, so I paired with a friend. At first, I was gaining from it and wanted to do more until my money started burning.

##### Do you want to know how it got burned?

I took a loan from a loan app, with the hope that I was going to make more money with it

I entered a [trade]( one day and couldn't cry to anyone after watching over $60 which was supposed to be the [capital]( get burned. My prediction didn't go well and I lost a lot.

I had to borrow money from someone to pay off that loan. It was terrible.

There was another time during that period when I asked a friend what way he thinks I can earn money without having to write on blogging sites. He told me that what he does most was to buy and stake a token, or cryptocurrency.

After a long talk, he encouraged me to buy and stake the crypto called $bunny. Barely two weeks later, I was informed that $Bunny got hacked.

I lost money worth over $20. Despite all these unfortunate situations, I have learned some valuable lessons.

One of the lessons I learned is to never spend what I can't afford to lose on crypto [investments]( Also, never be greedy with money hehe.

I love to write about my daily experience with money and that's what I will be sharing here with my account in the community.

I am also hoping to learn more about blockchain, finance, and cryptocurrency from experts here.

**[photo from u splash by Nick Noel](**

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