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A new logo for OCD and POSH / Creating by phderoes

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A new logo for OCD and POSH / Creating
### <div class='text-justify'>Hello, community, it is a pleasure for me, to feel part of this community and to be able to contribute a little of my knowledge, I am not a professional designer, but knowledge and creativity help me in this.</div>

## <div class='text-justify'>I can show you a little bit of what I have accomplished over time. First, I want to show you one of the logos I made to narrow down ideas in this OCD community project.</div>

<center>![logo ocd.png](</center>

> To begin, think very well what you needed to translate into the design, then create a tab where you center the OCD words.


> I gave it a size of 172 and put a font called Panda Power on it, and then I gave it color.





> Then take the whale and center it, embedded along with the letter C, to help highlight the word, I expanded the C further up and gave the water touches to the bottom of them.


> I decided to make the logo in this way, since the requests were in the "company" style. Raising the concept of community, I stand out more a team logo, strong, elegant and serious. Taking as a reference, these teams.



> I also want to show you the design I made for the POSH logo, taking into account the freedom of the matter, I raised the concept that its very word represents. "Share test".


> The proposal raised by @acidyo himself was to share. Elegantly, I used something similar to the logo, TURNER, in the image that you post your request, below ..





> Ending like this.

![logo posh.png](

[Here]( one of my old creations, in the world of design.

I hope Allan enjoyed a bit of the content of this post, greetings. And that they choose the best, good luck.

![ali creative linea.png](

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