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What Should We Expect From Cristiano Ronaldo Next Season by chimzycash

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What Should We Expect From Cristiano Ronaldo Next Season
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Still on my ongoing what do you expect from selected players… today, we will be looking at Cristiano Ronaldo, a player that needs no introduction… he is so known that even people who aren’t interested in football or sports know his name. In my previous post, our focus was on Mbappe and what we should expect from him next season and as I always say, if you haven’t seen my previous post, do well to check it. So without further ado, let’s get straight into the focus of today.

Ronaldo, a player that has won it all, won every single thing a player would ever wish to win, maybe except the world cup, but he has basically won everything in club football and beyond. Not only winning trophies with his various clubs, he has won almost every personal accolade and awards any professional player would only dream of. That’s how you know he is special and doesn’t need any introduction. Known as the goal-scoring human-machine, when it comes to goals, look no further than Cristiano Ronaldo… he always scores goals wherever he goes - lots of goals.

This season we haven’t really seen the best of Ronaldo yet and coupled with the whole coronavirus pandemic, football, in general, has taken [a]( big hit. We have seen him score goals for Juventus, I mean match-winning goals, crucial goals for the old ladies, so when it comes to scoring goals, Ronaldo still got it in him even though age isn’t really on his side, but his fabulous fitness levels has made it possible for him to still maintain his top-level performances. With this season almost coming to an end. A lot of talking points have surfaced concerning Ronaldo and what we should expect from him next season.

For me, I expect him to still be at a very high level even though he doesn’t have age on his side. At the moment and even at their age, only Ronaldo and Messi still remain the best players in world football at this point and until they both retire, no player comes close to what these two players have done and achieved in their careers. I still think Ronaldo will score a truckload of goals for Juventus next season and with new quality players coming in, there is no doubt that his goal tally would most likely make an upward movement. We all know that Ronaldo and fitness are like 5 & 6, this is one of his strengths, hence why I still think he will most likely dominate the Serie A next season and show himself in the champions league like he normally does, season after season. Nonetheless, next season would be a huge battle in the Serie A, as teams like Inter Milan are seriously knocking. So for him, it is very important for him to be at the top of his game and be in the best shape to help Juventus retain the title if they are able to win it yet again this season.

What are you expecting from Ronaldo at Juventus next season?
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