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Recognizing Opportunity And Taking Advantage Of It by samminator

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Recognizing Opportunity And Taking Advantage Of It
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To always think that things happen just randomly is to be careless about life. There are many things that neither happen in a random manner nor by coincidence but by taking steps and seizing opportunities as they come. Just to let you know, the future you do not plan for from today by taking advantage of opportunity may not come.


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Each day, the opportunities that fly across people are so much but why some people do not take advantage of them is because they do not see them as opportunities or maybe they are waiting for when the opportunity will arrive in an "opportunity-like" manner.

Well, just to let you know, when opportunities come, they may not do so in the manner you expect, and often times, they may be attached with a particular challenge. It is only when you look past the challenges that you will discover that the challenges are not bad after all but have opportunities in them. What many people consider as problems is what the successful people leverage on and turn them into opportunities.

In the place where I grew up, in one particular festive period, there was an electricity challenge. In that period where everyone will need their mobile devices to communicate with their loved ones and wish them well, having low battery would be so annoying. Everyone around the neighbourhood became so angry at the power distribution company for not fixing their electricity.

In the midst of the challenges, one particular guy bought a small generator and constructed a charging point where people will come and charge their mobile phones for a token fee. By the time the festive season was over and the electricity was fixed, the man made over three times the amount he used to buy the generator.

Many people would be quick to say he took risk, but in reality, almost everything has a complementary risk attached to it. Taking advantage of opportunity requires risk but the risk is not as heavy as compared to when you miss the opportunity. The bigger the opportunity you are faced with, the bigger the risk you are required to take and the bigger success that is expected because a bigger thing is at stake.


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I always tell people that any situation that comes to you (even the challenging situations), when you observe closely, you will see opportunity in it, but many people are quick to call any challenging situation "bad". Well, someone needs to know this: it is when you provide solutions to that challenging situation facing people that success comes.

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