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Gunners to Battle it out for Argentine Alcaraz by chekohler

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Gunners to Battle it out for Argentine Alcaraz
Tottenham, Wolves and Arsenal are in talks with Carlos ‘Charly’ Alcaraz’s potential £13 million move to the Premier League for the Racing Club youngster who has been getting a lot of attention lately. 

Alcaraz’s representative claimed that both Inter and AC Milan were keen to sign his 19-year-old client over the summer, before admitting that Premier League clubs were also keen on the player. 

The quicksilver 19-year-old has been blitzing down the wing for his team and with the acceleration of an Olympic hurdler and the balance of a ballerina.

Alcaraz, who can also take a mean free-kick and thrives in a variety of midfield roles, scored nine times in 42 matches for Racing Club during the 2022 season. 

He’s also been dubbed their most exciting young talent since a certain Lautaro Martinez and we all saw how his career has progressed. Carlos became the youngest player coming from Racing’s youth system, after Lautaro Martínez, Rodrigo De Paul, and Matías Zaracho who have all gone to make a name for themselves on the biggest stages of world foot.

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Alcaraz made most of his 42 appearances during Racing’s 2022 season in central midfield. Though he could be signed to play wide on the right if required for any of the clubs interested in him. 

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