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RE: Bee ready for the 2nd Hive Power Up Month challenge! by jacobtothe

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Engagement with others is a slow but sure way to receive engagement back. It started slow for me, so I definitely understand the frustration while you try to get traction.

I suggest some formatting changes. Keep your titles short and simple. Explain the details in your post itself. Tell a story. How did you find your subject? What difficulties were there in achieving your shot? I see you already have a table of information about the camera. I do hope you are "mrjhon01," though, because if you are not, that's a copy/paste transgression almost as bad as outright plagiarism and it does not deserve upvotes.

Additionally, post in English alongside your native language. You can use columns like so:


<div class=pull-left>

    *** (3 asterisks form a break line)
    (blank line)
    <div class=pull-left> (or -right>)
    (blank line)
    Body text
    (blank line)
    (blank line)
    *** (3 asterisks form a break line)


<div class-pull-right>

See how I am splitting this left and right, with the Markdown code over there, and this text block here? This is a demonstration doing exactly what that describes. You can see the full details [here,]( too. The asterisks before and after your text blocks will help keep the formatting from displaying poorly due to uneven left and right paragraph lengths and image embedding.



Stick with it! HIVE has grown a lot since I started, but the new (to me, anyway) communities allow you to more easily find your niche. [The Ink Well]( or [Freewriters]( are great if you like writing fiction, for example. There are also communities for photography, cooking, political discussion, and more. I see you already post in one. Do you also comment on the work of others?
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