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Encouraging Yourself by samminator

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Encouraging Yourself
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A point may come in your life when everything will seem to be going against plan and it may look like the whole world is against you. Well, in that situation, the greatest encouragement you will get is the one that you give to yourself. The first step in encouraging yourself is to learn not to look down on yourself even if you have obvious flaws. Just to let you know, there is no one that will say that they have achieved a state that is void of flaws.


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> the greatest helping hand is the one directly on your shoulders - your own hand

The above statement was made by a friend and I consider it truism. No doubt, the quickest and of course, the most readily available help that is available for anyone is personal help. Everyone has the propensity to leave you at some point as much as others have the proclivity to be attracted to you, but when people come and go, you nature and personality will remain fairly constant. This is why you have to channel more energy into building that aspect of your life that will be needed in the future.

One pivotal thing to learn is to have belief in your inert abilities. This will build your confidence to know that you are well able to achieve your goals. This is not pride, it is self-love and self-confidence. One thing you need to uphold with passion is your confidence. There are some people that have been defeated in life's battles, not because the battles were bigger than them but because they lacked the confidence to face the battles.

The summation of everything that happens around you should not outweigh what happens inside you, but first, you have to keep upgrading and getting better. Just like it is popularly said "knowledge brings confidence". To increase on your confidence level, you need to know more about yourself, about your world, even about your challenge. Obviously, the apt knowledge of your challenge is the prerequisite to building up your confidence to confront and overtake them.

When soldiers are preparing for combat, for example, the first thing they normally do is to get intel about their enemies - their strengths, strategies, and weaknesses. This will enable them to work out a plan to counter them and when this is done, the required confidence would have been built. You will agree with me that nothing crashes confidence like lack of knowledge and little or no preparation.


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The encouragement you need should start with yourself. If not, anybody's encouragement may not make sense to you. The level to which anyone can help you is limited. You need to provide help for yourself at some points. Imagine if you want to rescue someone from a pit and instead of stretching forth his hands to be helped, he tucks them inside his pocket, will you help him? You will only conclude that he is not ready to be helped. For you to be helped (or encouraged), you have to show the willingness to be helped first.

Always have it in mind that no one is mandated by any law to either encourage or help you, so do not place your entire hopes on people's help to avoid having your hopes disappointed. Get going with what you can lay your hand on and other privileges may locate you along the line.

***Thanks for reading***

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