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Grapthar's Daily Hive Music Feature: Björk - 'Human Behavior' by grapthar

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Grapthar's Daily Hive Music Feature: Björk - 'Human Behavior'

##   <center>Björk  - <i>Human Behavior</i></center>

## I went on a bit of a Björk bender
<div class="pull-right"><center><b>A young Björk</b></center></div><div class="text-justify">today, so I figured she would be a good choice for my daily post.  I know I had a bit of a theme with modern artists/band, but I broke it with Jarrett yesterday and now this track.  Granted, Björk is still writing and performing, but I went back in her discography for the song choice.  Her full name is Björk Guðmundsdóttir, and she began performing music at age 11, and had a series of bands throughout her teens, most notably <b>Tappi Tíkarrass</b>.  In her twenties, she came to international fame in the late '80s with her group <b>The Sugarcubes</b> who had a number of hit songs, with <i>Birthday</i> probably being their biggest.  After the group split up, Björk embarked on a solo career.  Oddly enough, her first "solo" album was released with a big-band, and is a straight-up '60s smokey jazz club sort of record, though generally that isn't included in her solo discography.</div>


### <center>[Listen to *Human Behavior* by **Björk** here.](</center>


## This is the opening track on Björk's actual debut solo album, 
<div class="pull-left"><center><b>Björk</b> - <i>Debut</i> (1993, <i>One Little Indian/Elektra</i>)</center></div><div class="text-justify">which, conveniently is titled <i>Debut</i>, and was released in 1993.  Though it isn't as experimental and strange as some of her later releases, I really like this album, and think it's a lot of fun to explore how her sound evolved over the years.  This song is built around what sounds like timpani's, though they may be digital drum samples and a bass, sort of merged together.  Björk's vocals are very much in her style, though on this early album, she sticks a little more towards the more 'normal' (or whatever 'normal' is for Björk).  She is an insanely creative person, and if you have, for some reason, never delved into her life and discography, I recommend spending a few days indulging, as you will not be disappointed.  Every album stands apart from the previous, aesthetically and sonically, bending genres and musical eras.</div>


## Enjoy today's song!  Thanks for checking out my blog!  Long live the Hive!

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