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Your Primary Task As A Human Being (Pleiadean Message) In Order To Fully Graduate From The School Of Hard Knocks by vikthor

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Your Primary Task As A Human Being (Pleiadean Message) In Order To Fully Graduate From The School Of Hard Knocks
Hey, fellow HIVE users! As part of my articles on the Pleiadeans for the last couple of weeks, I also decided to share an audio snippet extracted from 'Bringers of the Dawn' channeled by Barbara Marciniak which delves into one of the most important (if not the most important task) any incarnated soul as a human being here on Earth needs to undergo in order to graduate from school of hard knocks, more specifically sensing and manipulating energy to the best of your capabilities in a positive manner that is!

Just as Dolores Cannon stated in many of her lectures and interviews, human beings must learn how to properly balance their energies and karma and sense energy. Subsequently, the general task at hand is to properly manipulate energy in order to make a positive impact in your own life and the life of the ones you love.

'Bringers of the Dawn' is a compendium of teaching from the Pleiadians, my most favourite race of benevolent ETs, which definitely changed my life for the better while I was away as a bachelor student in Aalborg, Denmark. The message enclosed in the video below is of extreme importance for those who want to find meaning in their life and fight the good fight.

'Bringers of the Dawn' was published during the early 1990s, but for many starseeds out there it is just as high in demand and actual as ever, especially with the rise of the troubled decade of the 2020s in which a lot of us still live and struggle. That being said, I truly hope this message will change your life for the better as it did in mine. Much love, peace, and wisdom for all of you reading this!

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