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Hooked On Survival, The Origins Of Psychosis Is NO Enigma by earthcustodians

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Hooked On Survival, The Origins Of Psychosis Is NO Enigma

In our previous blog, we stated that science had become a threat to humankind. Here is another piece of evidence illustrating our position asserting that a profit-driven system is more geared toward control because of the very nature of money. While poor and middle-class people focus on making it to the next month, the rich are always preoccupied with their holding and asset consolidation. 

The consequence of earning money induces the need to continually protect oneself one way or another and cognitive functions to remain in "flight or fight" mode because refusing competition is not an option. Studies on the side-effects of stress abound and today we all know that stress is a severe health hazard. 


So why are we continuing to endorse competition? 

It sounds really counter-productive to us. We struggle to make ends meet and commit collective suicide in the meantime. 

Although the article probing the origins of 'Urban Psychosis' may initiate a real debate, its reasoning is flawed as it avoids the real bottom line. People are just lured into moving to cities with the hope to increase their income. Cities, as we know them, are just mirrors of a faulty premise. It is competition that causes emotional imbalances and in cities, competition is even more out of whack. 

Our societal structure itself is in its final stage. 

Paying to have the right to live should be abolished. Because when people live threatened 24/7, profits are going to be much more easily redirected toward projects that cannot support the betterment of humankind. Such a framework will always be more dedicated to the management of control by or for the very few. 

It is simply impossible to do good using money and when that happens counter-trends immediately set in to void such effect. This is why humanitarianism does not work. Regardless of where the funds are coming from, the latter create resentment among people in need while fueling corruption. Of course, our mega banking institutions are very well aware of this. 

Despite all the good intentions out there, we'll have to let go of the current system. It will unravel and no matter how 'prepared' we think we are we will still have the duty to help our fellow neighbors when the time has come.  And this alone tells us that all our actions must favor the collective. 


Sadly, it is because people *intuitively* know that the greater good only matters that they are easily fooled by socialist ideals, though the fact is that as long as competition does exist, socialism is a fallacy. A money-free system is not socialism nonetheless because such a system, to be workable,  has to be completely decentralized and benevolent, which is the opposite of socialism. 

So we definitely have a significant issue to deal with because *special interests* have made sure that we remain hooked on survival as if there is no other choice, that the Matrix is here to stay.  And that anyone promoting that the real alternative is a control opposition. 

Technology will not save humanity unless it is defunded and offers absolute freedom of choice, we ought to declare any form of coercion as a crime against humanity. In this sense, AI is entirely inimical to our destiny as a species. We have to keep the right for ourselves to upgrade our machines until humanity has attained sufficient knowledge levels to decide as to whether AI is really needed. That might take a few centuries of course because there is so much to unlearn in our Trauma Factory. 

Right now as things and as things stand we are merely being herded into a 'Great Reset Chamber' that will be proven extremely harmful. Indeed what could go wrong with millions of microrobots that can fit inside a hypodermic needle when the vaccine certificate will be soon signed into law? 

World stock exchanges have turned science into a killing machine. Even more alarming, experts ponder things like *ultraviolet germicidal irradiation*. They want to fight nature while neglecting that every living organism has its place in our biosphere.  In the meantime, millions of gallons of antibacterial products have dramatically increased the pollution levels of our soils, rivers, and oceans. Not to mention the billions of masks and gloves finding their way into the environment too over time. 

They may tell us that it has yet to be trialed but the fact is that this COVID vaccine has been rushed and many are sounding the alarm about it.  However, there always seems to be enough money to fund insanities like this. One more reason why we'd refuse any mandatory injections. 

Let all this sink in for a few minutes: the origins of societal psychosis is no enigma, folks! 


“I want to redefine Darwinian theory. It is not the survival of the fittest. Is the extension of generosity of surplus to other members in the ecological community to build biodiversity. So it’s not the individual that survives, it’s the community that cooperates that survives.”

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The Mystery of Urban Psychosis. Why are paranoia and schizophrenia more common in cities?

Scientists build army of 1 million microrobots that can fit inside a hypodermic needle (DEC 2020)
Controlling movement in these tiny machines requires the researchers to shine a laser on minuscule light-sensitive circuits on their backs, which propels their four legs forward. They've been designed to operate in all manner of environments such as extreme acidity and temperatures. One of their chief purposes, the researchers say, could be to investigate the human body from the inside. Without external input from researchers, the devices don't have the capability to move around. But Brooks and Strano said the marionettes are important because they provide a stepping stone for future devices that can work autonomously.

Still Disinfecting Surfaces? It Might Not Be Worth It (DEC 2020)
"Instead of paying so much attention to cleaning surfaces, we might be better off paying attention to cleaning the air, given the finite amount of time and resources," Marr says. Fennelly agrees, noting that airborne transmission is more likely in indoor public places like restaurants. "Why aren't we doing more to figure out ways to ventilate those areas?" he asks. "It would be better to use ultraviolet germicidal irradiation, which we know can kill these viruses in the air.
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