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106 transactions in this block, produced at 2021-02-22 09:29:06 (UTC)

e3954c4b claim reward: 0.086 HP
92f84008 claim reward: 0.044 HP
8dccfece claim reward: 0.041 HP
c27bd0b0 Splinterlands entered into match queue
5824870f claim reward: 0.284 HP
27634edf claim reward: 0.050 HBD and 0.492 HP
858bf431 claim reward: 0.001 HP
816dfc60 custom json
34b6a0f0 claim reward: 0.002 HP
7306ddbe Splinterlands entered into match queue
5e2ccc2a custom json
78145cdd Splinterlands entered into match queue
bc89011a claim reward: 0.001 HP
949b0d80 claim reward: 1.193 HP
82b0e04b claim reward: 0.012 HP
d01e5277 claim reward: 0.022 HP
f706e641 Splinterlands entered into match queue
b880ab33 Splinterlands submitted a team for battle
56559243 claim reward: 14.069 HBD and 46.984 HP
d9bc105f claim reward: 0.007 HP
5e1598eb Splinterlands submitted a team for battle
746b7bc6 claim reward: 0.064 HP
3c9548b7 claim reward: 0.032 HP
502d007c claim reward: 0.008 HP
d0b89090 claim reward: 0.424 HP
4fc050a5 claim reward: 0.057 HP
6906c34a claim reward: 0.001 HP
c7a8d326 claim reward: 0.030 HP
355932b7 claim reward: 0.420 HP
3193b048 claim reward: 0.005 HP
91a0d35f claim reward: 0.100 HP
32b1b31a claim reward: 0.029 HP
117713a6 claim reward: 0.001 HP
8558c7b9 claim reward: 0.030 HP
ee2ec120 claim reward: 2.033 HP
de3077b5 claim reward: 0.018 HP
0e4246fd claim reward: 0.029 HP
b584a9fc claim reward: 0.451 HP
8793c3ef claim reward: 0.012 HP
9823deda claim reward: 1.196 HBD and 4.118 HP
03c802d5 Splinterlands entered into match queue
32410919 Splinterlands entered into match queue

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3 virtual ops in this block.

virtual producer reward: 0.246 HP
virtual comment_payout_update
virtual withdraw 16.435 HP as 16.425 HIVE (show details)
withdrawn31,210.998548 VESTS
deposited16.425 HIVE

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